Buyer escalated to a Paypal Claim - HELP

  1. This is a follow on from BUYERS REMORSE WHAT DO I DO.

    Well as I expected the Buyer has chosen to escalate this dispute to a Paypal claim. They have asked me to response, but all they have given me is a little box to put down everything that has happened. I have copyed and paste the letter I sent to eBay on 9.1.2008, they have not even asked for photographs??? I have telephone Paypal and all I got told was that they were looking into it. Then they went on about me taking the scarf back, if it is in the original condition. I then stated that the buyer had told me that the care tag was in the bottom of the box when she received it, which it most definitely was not when it was sent out. There answer was: "you do not know that, she could have lied to you, to try and get her money back", what sort of answer is that????

    I have never been in this situation before, what will happen now? The money is no longer in my paypal account that is in minus. I do not care about that, as I will never use paypal again. Will paypal try and force me to take the item back?
  2. Do you have a link to the original thread?
  3. Sorry Chloehandbags do not know how to do that, could you please explain????:confused1: I would be very grateful.:yes:
  4. oh Rosie, this is an ongoing nightmare for you :sad: I do not know what to suggest. Why should you take it back when you have described it honestly, and for all you know she has been wearing it for the past couple of weeks?

    I think the money will stay as a negative, so you would obviously not want to use paypal at the present time until a decision is made.

    I would stay strong, like you say, you sent it with tags attached, in new condition, so its a case of her word against yours.
  5. Your auction shows the scarf with the tag on, She removed the tag, so now the scarf is considered "used" Stay firm and wait for the resolution, the worse thing that can happend is that you may have to get it back. Is that's the case you still have to wait and make sure everything is OK before PayPal gives back her money.