Buyer doesn't pay, I open unpaid case. Buyer pays and asks me to refund them.

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  1. This way they get out of the item AND don't get an unpaid strike against them. :wtf:

    What gives?! Clearly if I ship the item they'll just ask for a return or something. And then eBay will make me pay for return shipping -_-
  2. I would tell them you would be happy to refund them, but they need to send a cancellation request so you can recoup your listing fees.

    I would not be the one to initiate the cancellation request. That, at least, needs to be on their record.
    Plus, if they send the cancellation request, they can't leave negative or neutral feedback or ding your stars.

    Unfortunately, not much else you can do other than add them to your BBL.
  3. xx
  4. That's not true or accurate. The buyer paid for the item and can leave feeddback and DSRs. It doesn't matter if it was canceled nor if the buyer or seller initiates the cancellation.
  5. How expensive was the item? Do you have a return policy? You can stand on principle, and probably get stuck with a return, or just refund and block. Sorry. :/
  6. I no longer sell on ebay, so I may be mistaken. But I am going off of Ebay's terms:

    "If your buyer cancels a purchase, they can't leave you negative or neutral Feedback or low detailed seller ratings about the transaction."
  7. Oops, you're right. That change must have been made at the time they implemented the buyer being able to cancel within an hour of paying.
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