Buyer Doesn't have a Confirmed address for PayPal

  1. Help! I have never had this happen.
    Buyer bids high, wins bag and pays through paypal. i go to paypal and it says no confirmed address. I don't want to ship to an unconfirmed address and i specified that in my auction. I emailed the lady and said I would hold bag for 24 hours so she could get confirmed. If I cancel and sell to the next highest bidder can the first lady give me neg. feedback?
    I don't want to risk this and send it.:cursing:
    Thanks so much!
  2. If you posted that on your auction and she did it anyway, you are giving her the time to at least confirm it. I had someone do that recently on a multicolore LV and I refused to ship it until she had confirmed address. As a seller you are not covered if fraud occurs when shipping to an unconfirmed addy.
  3. if she can't/won't get her address confirmed can she still leave me neg. if I sell to the next highest bidder????
  4. When this happens if the buyer is being ok with you ask would she mind leaving you positive feedback for the transaction as it was not your fault. But i have had it in the past where the buyers gets funny, so I have freunded the payment and filed a NPB claim and put in the claim that the buyer did not read description etc etc. That way after 7 days you can close the claim and get your fees back and she cant leave you a negative. If you do a negative make sure you put a commnet underneath it explaining why she has left you the negative!
    Never have I met such wonderful ,helpful people!
    I come here for so many things and I always feel better:heart::heart::heart:
  6. So glad chloe that it helps. I just wouldn't ship it and do as designer has said. You would be better off w/ that neg and be able to respond to it than have to deal w/ someone fraudulently taking someone else's financial info and out the money and the item.
  7. Would you do non- paying bidder if they refuse or are unable to get confirmed address? Even though, technically they have paid?
    I was just going to go to the next highest bidder and leave it, if she doesn't come through with confirming.
  8. I would give her the X amount of days to have it confirmed and then do the 2nd chance offer. If the first buyer starts pitching a fit then I would do the NPB.
  9. Technically you need to give her 7 days as that is what eBay states and that is also when you can put the claim in!
  10. I need to give her 7 days to get her address confirmed? Won't I lose the interest of the next second chance buyer? I never did a second chance for anything. Everyone has always paid in a normal manner....
  11. yes also does the buyer have lots of great feedback? if so you can be safe in sending it but if not then beware
    i had a buyer once with great feedback who bought something as a gift and needed it sent to business adress rather than home as it was surprise...the credit card on file with paypal had home address so unconfirmed address was his business..we talked on phone and i felt ok about it and it worked out great....use your judgement and be careful!
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  13. Although people put on their auctions payment required within a certain amount of days. To put a npb claim in you need to allow 7 days and you can put a claim in on the 8th day. If you sell it before she may leave you a negative and would be entitled to do so within the 7 days. As for a second chance offer, its best to message the second highest bidder now anyway as she may have already bid elswere. if not ask would she still be interested if the bag were to be available again.
  14., thanks so much. i'll keep you posted. Hopefully it will all work out:smile:

  15. I always email the buyer and ask them to confirm the address that they want the item sent to.....they do, and knock on wood, I have never had:tup: a problem...

    good luck.....