Buyer does not appear to leave feedback

  1. I just sold an item on an auction, and the buyer appears to have only left 3 feedbacks to sellers. She has more feedback than that LEFT for her, all positive, and after she won the bids, she paid me immediately. What do you think about this, buyers who don't leave feedback? Should I be concerned selling to her? Sorry, not sure if there was another thread on this, the "search" feature was not working.
  2. Feedback is voluntary, I don't worry about buyers or sellers that don't leave feedback for me.
  3. Some buyers just dont leave feedback. I dont know why...Anyhow,I stopped reminding buyers about feedback. I did that once for a buyer, asking if everything was kosher. This was a month and a half later after she received the bag and then she all of a sudden files a SNAD with paypal. LOL
  4. Yikes! Thanks lol ok I won't worry about it. :smile: No need to draw attention to anything, I guess!
  5. Buyers who do not leave feedback, do not get feedback.
    I protect me first always.
  6. As a pp said, the feedback system is voluntary. Some sellers don't leave feedback, some buyers don't do it either. Then there is the "I'll leave feedback when you leave feedback" standoff :shrugs: It used to bother me, but now I just don;t worry about it. I leave feedback for my end of the deal and leave the other party to do theirs (or not). Sometimes people leave feedback right away,others may take a couple of weeks (or not at all ;) )
  7. Sometimes I forget to leave feedback - as a buyer and as a seller. I try to go back before the 3 months to add my comments, but I always tell my seller when I receive an item via email.
  8. I try to always leave feedback as a buyer - have pretty much had good luck with everything I've ever bought. As a seller, I leave appropriate feedback - so far all positive and don't stress if they forget. I always email when I've shipped the item and usually get an email when they receive it, but I only sell now and then to clean out my closet.
  9. Like others said, it is voluntary. Buyers may be new to eBay and may not even check the site after they receive the item.
    I almost always leave a feedback. The only time I did not leave one was during the holiday season a couple years back and I was traveling around and completely forgot about it.

    But I think the buyer should either email or leave a message so the seller knows she/he got the item safely...
  10. I agree ^^ because I like to know it arrived safely, but I never leave feedback first unless I am a buyer. As a seller, I always wait until the buyer leaves feedback before I do. Thanks for your input everyone, I feel better now lol. :smile:
  11. Must add that I always leave feedback same day I receive my item as a buyer but always wait for buyer to leave before i leave as a seller.
  12. I have a buyer who hasn't left feedback but after hearing your experience I'll leave well alone-- it was a nice bag too. It's kind of rude not to leave feedback IMO.
  13. as a seller, i prefer to leave feedback second but as a buyer, i leave feedback first. i agree, protect you first.
  14. If you are the seller, always wait until the buyer leaves you feedback first-that way you still have some power to leave them whatever feedback is appropriate for them if things don't work out!
  15. i always wait for the buyer to leave feedback. one buyer was a bit slow, so i sent her a message saying "hope you loved your purchase, leave feedback when you get a moment!" and they eventually did.