Buyer disputing purchase over customs fees!

  1. :cursing:Arghhh! I am so mad! I just sold a new, gorgeous LV bag to a buyer in Germany. She emailed me in English after auction end, asking me to ship ASAP so she can take the bag with her on vacation. Now she has received it, and apparently wasn't expecting to pay customs fees (I shipped from US) so she is disputing the purchase with PayPal! No contact w/me at all, and her PayPal claim is in German! I can't even read it! I called PayPal and they translated for me. After speaking with PayPal customer service I am reasonably sure I am going to win this, as I had no way of knowing what, if any, customs fees would be due on the bag. But she has a significant amount of $$ tied up for probably 30 days! My first negative eBay experience as a seller! :cursing:
  2. I know this is really annoying, and I do hope that PP sides with you since it's NOT your fault.

    That being said, I have a disclaimer in all of my auctions now stating something along the lines of: International bidders, please note that all customs, duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Please do not ask me to falsify customs forms, as this is illegal. If you do not agree to these terms, please don't bid!
    That way, if anyone ever tried to claim something like this on PP I would have it in writing on my listing--which is the contract that they have agreed to.

    Good luck with this!! I hope it all works out for you.
  3. Unless you entered a higher amount than the bag sold for on the customs and/or insurance forms (meaning that she was asked to pay more tax than was due), you are totally in the right, as far as I can see. :yes:
  4. Yes, and lying on customs forms is a major offense. It's really terrible when people actually ASK you to put on the form that it's a gift, with no value. Problem is, you can't claim that and still insure it. And you do NOT want the customs service after you.
  5. My auction did state that I would not declare a lower value (than purchase price) on international shipments but I neglected to state the all customs, etc. were responsibility of buyer. PayPal tells me this won't hurt me, as she should have been aware of what the fees would be and there was no way I could have known what fees, if any, she would incur. I am very hopeful PayPal will rule in my favor. Thanks all for your support! I will let you know what happens!

    PS I had sold this bag to help fund purchase of my new Speedy Mirage on 9/15, so hope I have a favorable resolution by then!
  6. i don't think you need to worry, i can't see paypal ruling in her favour
  7. UGH! The only scary thing right now is whether or not she paid the fees? She might have refused and the bag is on its way back to you!!!! This happened to me before...but it was th fault of the customs agency because they added a zero to the claim amount (morons)!
  8. Kind of OT: Also, if you are seliing "used" bags, put that on the form because I have heard that if a bag is used it makes a difference.
  9. That's terrible! Is this the first time she ever bought something overseas or something? I know found out thru Paypal that she filed a dispute. Did you try contacting her yourself? Maybe she wasn't aware that there was such thing as custom fees, and if you explained it her, she will understand that you weren't the one who charged those fees and that it's totally up to customs and that it was out of your hands. Maybe worth a try? Some ppl are clueless to those things.. you never know. Good luck! I do agree w/ others that Paypal should side w/ you. I don't see how any of this is your fault at all.