Buyer didn't read the measurements of the bag, finds it too small and wants a return!

  1. Hi girls..

    I am so ulucky in buying/selling recently..

    I sold a Chanel 2.55 reissue in dark white recently, and here's the auction page

    It's a good price. Now, I posted the dimensions of the bag right underneath the colour. Also, I stated that all sales are final and there's no change-of-mind returns (I'm afraid of people returning fakes). That's why I stated everything (colour, dimensions, lots of pictures) clearly in the auction.

    Now, the buyer received the bag and complained.

    Hi I received the bag today but I notice the tassels is broken is cut in half and u didn't mention that, the dust bag also so many fur. I keep my designer bag very neatly so I want it really perfect! Can I do a refund? I paid all the postage and the returning also.. Pls reply me asap thx you!
    I thought "huh? what tassels??" Not long after that, she sent another message.

    Oh sorry my mistake the tassels is like that.. But the bag is a bit too small I can't put anything.. I thought is a little bit bigger hope u can help me.. thanks

    The point is she did not anticipate the size of the bag and wants to return it. I clearly stated the dimensions of the bag.. it's not funny.

    What can I do? Please give me some suggestions..
  2. I'd say just send her a polite email reminding her of your all sales final policy and hope she doesn't file a dispute.. Not that she'd have any leverage, but it would be a hassle for you. Have you left feedback?
  3. I did.. and I told her that I stated the dimensions, etc.. Here's her reply..

    yea I don't really know because its in inch..

    Seriously.. what can I do if she doesn't understand measurement in inches and doesn't bother converting, right??

    She also sent me this.. the receipt i from the Chanel B in Europe, but I got the bag in Singapore..

    oh yeah I want to ask where did you bought this bag again? How come the receipt is in euro??

    It's really unnecessary..
  4. I think she's short a light bulb. She should have had the 'inches' clarified by someone before she bid. If you don't want a negative, she has offered to return it at her expense..... this would be your choice as she hasn't got a leg to stand on.
  5. That is true.. now she says she's just asking.. no big deal..

    I am so confused..

    BTW, are you really judge judy??
  6. Buyer's remorse at it's best. Tell her if she doesn't want the bag, she can re-sell it. I wouldn't take it back. She's complaining about lint on the dust bag? She's crazy.
  7. Not your responsibility. She took a risk by not reading the page and/or not clarifying what it meant. Sorry you have to deal with this buyer!
  8. Yep, its crazy. You have done everything right in your listing, including stating no returns.

    You might want to mention to her that if a bag comes with a protective cloth, you are always going to get lint on a black dustbag lol!!!! :biggrin:

    It would be funny if it wasnt so frustrating. But tell her something like, if its too small for her, you are perfectly happy for her to sell it on, but you sold this bag correctly, and in good faith!
  9. Stand firm on your policy of no returns/refunds. She has the option of selling it if she doesn't want it.

    how do you know you'll get the same bag back if you accept it?
  10. I agree with Regina07. Stand firm, and do not accept a return. She can relist it and deal with that herself. There is nothing wrong with the bag; it is just too small for her. This type of thing has happened to me before where I bought something on eBay, and it didn't work for me, but it is NOT the seller's fault, so I just re-sell it. No biggie! Do NOT let her send it back. This kind of stuff is getting out of hand on eBay. Are these people THAT clueless???? I mean, if you want to be able to return/ exchange something, go buy it retail. If you want a deal, and are willing to take the risk, go with eBay. EBay is NOT a retail store!!!!
  11. Thanks for your reply..

    I told her I can't be sure if she is going to return the same bag or a fake, besides, I stated no change-of-mind returns.

    I stood my ground and asked if she knows what she's buying. She said she didn't know..

    Well, this is another case of someone buying a bag just because she has the money to buy it, not because she knows what she wants.

    Sad story. I sent her a long email on the history of Chanel reissues.. she seems quite happy and left me a positive feedback.

    The complaint on the lint on the black dustbag is kinda funny!

    This is her first Chanel and she expected a classic flap. She was shocked (I think) to see that the straps doesn't have intertwined leather and the clasp is mademoiselle instead of CC..

    Everything is sorted now. She's happy.
  12. I can assume she just try to find any reason to return it :push: buyer's remorse??
  13. She may have been young too, really, she needed to learn your rules so that she doesn't treat every single item she buys on ebay, as a dept. store where she can return things if it's not what she expected.
    You were right to deal with her the way you did, pleasantly & in a "teaching" mode. You may have made yourself a repeat buyer & I think she learned to be careful in future.
  14. She's 22 years old (her email addy is her d.o.b)..

    Yeah.. she's inexperienced, I must say..

    Thanks for the support, girls.. This teaches me to always put everything down in black and white in my listings.
  15. I agree with everyone else in standing by your policy. It's not your fault she didn't comprehend your listing. As for the dust bag, tell her to use a lint roller or get a piece of tape to get the "fur" off it. I'd also tell her she can re-sell it herself if she isn't happy. She definitely sounds like she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer! Good luck!