Buyer copied listing and photos

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  1. Today I saw a bag I sold on ebay a week ago. I knew it was the bag I sold because the id was that of my buyer, but they also used my photos, copied my description and doubled the price.

    I feel really off about it because I wasn't asked about using my photos. Seeing my own bed and hands on someone else's listing is so odd! So I want some feedback at whether I'm being silly over a copied listing. :shrugs:

  2. If it bothers you contact them, and ask them to use their own pictures and listing. If they don't and continue to steal from you then you can report them to ebay. It would bother me too. They could have at least asked you!
  3. It wouldn't bother me TBH. If it were a different bag and she were using your photos then yeah... But the photos are of the bag she is selling, you don't own it any more... but it's up to you if it bothers you.
  4. I have also seen ppl list items with the same pictures of the bag they bought from the previous owner....but what I have seen it has always been pictures of "just" the bag. It really is up to you. I don't know if it would bother's never happened and it's not my body parts in the pictures.
  5. Thanks everyone :tup: