Buyer complaining about shipping

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  1. I sold a bag on Tuesday night. I have it in my listing that my handling time is 2 days. I shipped the bag priority Thursday. I recieve a message from my buyer today that says exactly "how long? If much later don't want the bag anymore". This person lives clear across the country. They paid for the bag Tuesday night and I shipped it out Thursday morning. I have updated the tracking info. I think they are being totally unreasonable.
    What should I do to ensure this doesn't turn into a total nightmare? Any advice?
  2. Just tell her the bag was shipped on Thursday morning and is on its way to her.
  3. Hopefully you provided tracking #?

    If so, that helps greatly as proof!
  4. Sounds like your buyer might be feeling a touch of buyer's remorse...

    Posting within two business days is very reasonable and within the time-frame that was originally listed. The best thing to do right now is to send a nice, professional message in reply, stating that the package was posted on Thursday, within the two-day shipping and handling window, and that she can track the status of the package at _____. :smile:
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    In the future, when a buyer pays, reply to their payment (make sure the address is the buyer's address and not Paypal in the block) with a thank you and information on when you plan to ship. "Thank you for your purchase and quick payment. Your bag will be shipped Thursday.".

    When you ship, send the buyer a message to the same email address, again thanking them, and telling them how the package was shipped, if it is insured, and how long to give it to get there. Lately I have been exaggerating this because USPS is slow as molasses. "Your bag was shipped this morning by USPS Priority Mail. It was scanned at my Post Office. Please give your bag 7-10 business days to get there because USPS is having sorting facility issues (or the weather, or whatever).

    Go to USPS and track the package. Put both your e-mail address and the buyer's into the tracking info and set it to get all tracking up to date and future tracking.

  6. +1...this manner is so profesional & the buyer should be appreciative
  7. Thanks so much! I will definitly make it a point to do this from now on. Can't hurt to communicate more with buyers.
  8. Thanks so much everyone! I sent her a message and I have provided the tracking again. All I can do now is hope for the best.
  9. Does she understand what snow is? lol...

  10. You have done your part & communicated all the pertinent info.

    There are buyers that no matter how hard you try to please, they will
    never be satisfied. Just put this all in perspective & as you say, hope
    for the best.
  11. I always mail the buyer when I mail the product and show the tracking number. I mention that I paid for two day (or whatever I paid for) Priority Mail but that often the USPS takes longer.

    Maybe she's just a nervous buyer, but I get nervous when I get these questions too, especially when they are rude-ish.
  12. I agree that sending a message when you ship (with tracking information) is a good idea, but I would not send a message prior to shipping.

    Buyers can see handling time in a listing, + they get an absurd amount of messages already: a message when the auction ends; a message saying that they've won something; a message that confirms receipt for their payment; and if you upload tracking through eBay or PP, a message saying that their order has shipped. Plus then an additional one if you send a separate, "Thank you for your purchase, your order has shipped...".

    IMO another message on top of all of that is overkill.
  13. You've done your part, as long as it was within a reasonable amount of time that you shipped it out, Ebay will support you. Hope that helps!
  14. Agree completely, and some buyers will ding your communication star for it.
  15. Yeah, but 9/10 buyers ignore this or just don't notice it.