Buyer claims two months after payment that he haven't gotten jeans

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  1. Sometime in march, around the 15th, i shipped a pair of jeans to a buyer in the us. I'm located in norway, so it usually takes around 2 weeks before item arrived. However, today, i got a message saying he hadn't recived the jeans. I shipped them, but do not have a tracking number or shipping confirmation(:cursing:). I understand that if he files a complaint with paypal, they will take money from my account and support him, unless i have a trackingnumber / something, which i don't. What to do?
  2. If it was two months ago it's too late for them to file a claim with Paypal, they only have 45 days in which to do it.

    How much were the jeans? Can you file a postal claim?
  3. oh, thank god. so i can't loose my money? :yahoo:

    You're absolutely lovely, wasn't you the girl helping me withdraw money from my paypal-account too?

    they weren't much, around 50 bucks.
  4. Yes I did help you with that, did you get it all sorted?
  5. yeah, i did, it came into the account around 5-6 days later! Thanks again!
  6. They are too late for Paypal, but if he files a chargeback with his credit card company, you will still lose the money. Paypal would notify you of the chargeback and ask for a tracking number. If you can't provide one, Paypal will take the money from your account. It happened to me. She filed her complaint after 60 days (w/ cc company).
  7. hmmm... but i mean, i shipped the item, and haven't got it in return! A package can't just disappear!
  8. isn't there a single thing i can do to prevent him from taking my money?
  9. I guess if they went that route then there's nothing you can do. It's difficult because you also have to see it from the buyers point of view that if it was you you'd hope the seller would refund as the onus is on the seller to get the item to their buyer.

    Does your postal service not offer a basic compensation? In the UK everything is covered automatically up to £34 ($78) providing you have proof of posting such as a post office receipt
  10. They didn't give me a receipt.. Maybe i could cover the loss by 50% or something?
  11. It's really your call. I'm just surprised they waited two months before e-mailing you.......