Buyer Claims to have Never Received Bag.. But left Positive Feedback.

  1. Hi everyone.:tup:... I am new to this eBay forum but post a lot on the tokidoki one... I sold a bag on the 10th of last month.. I shipped it out a week later (I fell down the stairs and hurt my ankle badly. so thats the reason for the delay.) Anyhow a week later I receive feedback for the bag and another one I sold that same week (from another buyer).. Then a few days ago I receive an email from the buyer saying she doesnt remember getting the bag and can't find it in her house.. She wants the DC number. Problem is I have no clue where it is. I was on a mini vacation at the time but now that I am home, I have no clue where to look.. I have been selling on eBay for years and have 100% positive feedback (349)... If she files a claim then I have no proof I shipped it unless I find it. But I shipped 2 bags that I sold on eBay to 2 different buyers and received positive feedback from both so maybe I threw it away or just misplaced it. What do I do? :sad:.. tomorrow I am going to turn my house inside out trying to find it but have no clue what to do if I dont... Thanks guys...
  2. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Was the shipping label printed at PayPal? If so, the DC can be found in transaction details. Hope everything turns out well.
  3. Thanks.. Nope, I wish I did but my printer was and still is out of ink. I need to buy more ink soon... I have no clue what to do.. I just dont understand how she could leave me feedback saying that the bag was beautiful and blah blah but then email me like a month after the auction ends and say she can't find the bag in her house and doesnt really remember receiving it. Well I remember shipping it, along with another bag sold to another ebayer..grr. :hysteric:... I just don't want to lose the money and the purse... :tdown:
  4. Surely the positive feedback is all the proof you need????
  5. I hope so.. Thanks that made me feel alittle bit better.. But I am still worried. Well I guess if she files a Paypal claim then I could try and explain that she did receive it since she left me positive feedback for it. I misplaced the DC since I didnt think I would need it again.. ugh this sucks...:push:
  6. Try going to your postmaster at the post office. If you have the day you mailed it and her zip code they may be able to pull it up.
  7. Ok.. I am so dumb. I shipped it the day after payment and that was the day I fell down the stairs. I found the other DC paper for the other item. hmm maybe I am getting close to finding it. I just hope I find it.. :sad:
  8. aww.that really sucks. I dont understand how she can even leave you a + feedback and NOT remember recieving it. I NEVER leave a feedback until receive the bag AND examine it. Sounds fishy to me
  9. I would email them back saying obviously you did recieve it since I have your feedback stating such. Sorry you misplaced it but that doesn't qualify for a refund.
  10. OMG, I wonder whether this is some sort of new scam going on ebay at the moment!
    More than a month ago, I sold a Burberry keychain to this buyer in Germany and she paid with Paypal. I sent the item straight away. She left me a positive feedback on ebay about 10 days ago and I left her a nice feedback, too.
    Then a few days later, she emailed me saying that the item still hasn't arrived yet??!!?:wtf:
    I asked her why she left a feedback before contacting me first for not receiving the item, but she never answered.
    Today, I gave her a full refund less shipping £30 (around $60) via Paypal - I feel like I've been scammed, somehow.. :crybaby:

    Although, it was sent uninsured, I have a certificate of posting and the original receipt from the post office. I will file the matter to Royal Mail so that I can receive compensation but chances are very slim.

    I don't know, but probably there are buyers out there who pays with paypal and once the feedback have been received on both sides, telling a seller that the item hasn't been arrived, claim the chargeback through paypal so that they can get their money back and keep the item as well. Sounds too evil, but that's what scammers do!
  11. Did she file a claim to get refunded? I know sellers are scared of having their Paypal reputation tarnished etc but you could all save a lot if you went through the proper channels. Surely someone leaving positive feedback on an item would not later win an item not received claim. If you are thinking about refunding them anyway why not take the chance and see if Paypal finds in your favor? It won't cost you anymore than you were going to give them back anyway and you might end up not having to refund anything.
  12. you have to find your posting slip , you don't have a hope without it . I keep mine for 12 months !
  13. True!
    If the item was worth more than £34, I would probably have gone through all the processes and take my chances. however, Royal Mail offers compensation for up to £34 for lost and damaged items, so I just figured I might just give her a refund (she will eventually open a dispute and paypal will give her a refund anyway) and get my money back from royal mail since I have a proof of receipt and everything.

    still, not so certain with royal mail - it's my first time actually makeing a claim and also, everything is super slow with postal strikes and things.

    from now on, if the item is worth more than £30, i wouldn't accept paypal especially without any insurance for sure.

    Danelys: your buyer seems a bit strange to me (like mine..), hope everything's sorted out soon. please keep us upated!
  14. I think its a buyers way making sure they get good feedback. Sometimes if a buyer files a claim, the seller will leave neg. feedback. So the buyer leave + feedback, and waits for the seller to do the same, and them they file the claim. Its happened to me before- sucks!
  15. It doesn't matter what feedback they left. I wouldn't quit looking for that DC# quite yet. I think some people try to get their packages and their money back to. It always amazes me, I have had at least 10 people over the years swear to me they never received their items, but once I send the DC# I never hear from them again.