Buyer Claims to Be in the UK, but Wants Bag Shipped to Aunt in Florida

  1. So I received a question today about one of my bags. The buyer said she is very interested in this one particular bag, but wanted to know if I can ship it to her aunt in FL so that she can avoid international shipping fees. She claims to be located in the UK, and that her aunt's address is confirmed, but wants to use her UK credit card. So I looked at her feedback and she only has 2 feedbacks from back in '05. It also says her location is in Ontario, Canada, not the UK. I'm thinking that this is not a good idea, but would there be a way to do this so that I am protected? Maybe have her aunt in FL buy the bag? Any suggestions? Thanks ladies!

    Vicki :smile:

    Oh, and I did check her bidding history and it looks like she was bidding on another bag that the auction closed on 12/4, but she didn't win it. It was a Kate Spade bag (and so is mine).
  2. I just went through something a little bit similar, where the person was in Canada, but didn't want to pay customs so wanted it shipped to a US address. In my case, she also had a US paypal account (in addition to her Canadian one) with a confirmed address. I called Paypal and checked with them first if that would be OK, since it wasn't the registered eBay address, and it is OK and eligible for seller protection as long as it's the address on the Paypal account and is confirmed.

    For you, I don't think she can get her aunt's address confirmed as hers, so your best bet is probably to have her aunt pay you and she can send money to her aunt (provided her aunt has a confirmed address herself.) Good luck!
  3. I don't know that I would do it....sounds questionable to me.

    Maybe you could have her pay some other way than paypal.
  4. I just received a message from here explaining her situation. I guess she is Canadian, but moved to the UK for work. She said her aunt lives in FL, but will be going up to Toronto for the holidays where she will be spending the holidays as well. Sounds reasonable to me, now that she explained.
  5. You will only be covered by Paypal if you send to a Paypal confirmed address.

    If she wants to send you the money via Western Union, or do a direct bank transfer, then you could send to what ever address you wanted, as there would be no comeback for you.

    Good luck!