Buyer claims that my BLACK CHANEL Bag is NAVY color!! HELP!!

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  1. This happened to me too. I bought a pair of Chanel flats and the seller advertised it as being black but when I took it out into the sunlight, it was definitely blue. I also have black Chanel bags that I can swear that it's black but again, in the sunlight it's blue. Chanel's blue and black colors are very similar so it's easy to get the two colors mistaken. Like the others said, take it into natural lighting and take a pix of it next to something navy.
  2. update on my case:

    now the buyer didn't complain about the color anymore, now she is not 100% sure that the bag is authentic (stitching logo is not even), etc..

    she also said that during packaging and shipping, the chain left markings on the leather...also the condition is not considered as "excellent" .

    As far as the markings, I have offered her free shipping

    I just think that she's a troubled buyer and has never bought used bag items before..

    Tell me how to deal w/ this kind of buyer, I just dont want to issue full refund because I have not done anything wrong and already provided clear and plenty of pictures already.
  3. Yikes, it sounds to me like she might have buyer's remorse and she's going to come up with a lot of excuses to get you to take the bag back or refund her money.

    If you clearly showed the condition in the pictures and described it fully, then you should be safe. I think offering free shipping was very generous of you, I wouldn't offer anything else.
  4. i think its black