Buyer claims that my BLACK CHANEL Bag is NAVY color!! HELP!!

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  1. Hi,

    My buyer just received the bag today and she emailed me that the bag looks like navy blue color under the light.

    sorry, no one is allowed to post links to their auctions or post their eBay IDs here.

    this is my auction link and im 100000% sure that it's in black color!!! the picture and the real bag is no difference in can't be navy. probably because this is vintage bag , so the color is as dark as if you buy a new bag..

    how can i prove her that it's black color indeed! does anyone know that this style doesnt come in navy color maybe???? i won't accept returns..
  2. she should take it out into the day light and hold it next to something black and then navy so she could see that it is black.
  3. It looks like a really nice black Chanel. I'm personally not seeing navy.
  4. perhaps shes claiming it looks navy blue because like you said, it is vintage.. so the black looks more "faded" than the newer Chanel bags. I think you should post this in the Chanel forum and perhaps they can help you with more information on this particular style..

    it looks black IMO. I do not see any navy!
  5. maybe its just buyers remorse??
  6. Are there any markings on the bag notatating the style/color? Looks black to me.
  7. Looks 100% black and anybody else she asks will tell her it's black as well, maybe she's color blind

    Is she asking for a refund or just noting the color difference?
  8. I have two bags - one midnight navy and one brown -- that I thought were black .. until I happened to put them next to a black classic flap.

    I would ask her to take photos (in daylight) of the bag next to a black one and next to a navy one. In the auction, the bag looks black but Chanel navy can be very very dark.

    I know you don't accept returns but if she is able to show that the bag she received is navy, then she can file SNAD and probably win. Good luck!
  9. It looks black to me.
  10. I was going to say the same thing as the other poster. Have her, in broad daylight, hold the purse up against something she knows is black. It will be obvious then.

    By the way it totally looks black to me!
  11. ^I agree.
    My Chanel GST looks black in pics and people are always calling it black, but it's definitely navy blue. It's a lot more obvious in the sunlight...and the stitching color will give it away as well.
  12. I have found that some black vintage lambskin Chanel bags are very slightly bluish black in color. The bluish hue is only visible when it's next to something deep black, in bright daylight. I think it's to do with different batch of the dye rather than fading issues. But I haven't seen one bluish enough that it qualifies as navy. The buyer must be very particular or she's having a remorse. Maybe you can try to explain that black is not always jet black, and she should compare the bag to something navy, so she can see the difference.
  13. All of the above suggestions are great. Is she asking for a refund?
  14. If you have the bags style and color numbers I am sure you could do a little research online or call Chanel and ask what the color code means.
  15. Is the buyer asking for something from you?