Buyer claims she didn't get item - but I have proof!

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  1. Where do I go from here?
    I sold some LV shoes in April (15th) and the buyer is claining she never recieved them. She says she wants a refund.
    However, smart me, I bought shipping through paypal so everything is on record. The Canada post website says:

    2007/04/27 14:02 92672,USA Item successfully delivered to Receiver

    So obviously it's there I told her to talk to her post office and here is her last email to me:
    Hi, I have inquired; however, the post office records show delivery but I have not received the shoes. It is posible they delivered to someone else in error??? I have received several shipments recently without complication. Since you are the shipper is there any type of claim that you can initiate as I am interested in receiving the shoes or a refund ASAP as it has been over a month?

    Aaaaack - what do I do???? Who do I contact???

  2. If Canada's post record shows it is successfully delivered to Receiver, then it should mean it was delivered to her. How is this buyer's rating?

    I remember there is a thread mentioned delivery proof. If there is a dispute occurs, it will require a signature of delivery to prove. A delivery confirmation number is not good enough. That's why the only secured international shipping method is Global Express which can be insured and traceable.

    If there is a dispute, you could give PayPal the delivery confirmation number. But I am not sure if they will side you.

    I never like to ship to Canada. Their custom is famous of holding packages.
  3. Looks like both buyer and seller are in canada, so customs wouldn't be the problem. I am personally not aware of what shipping methods are acceptable within Canada for Paypal protection....
  4. If it wasn't signed for at the door and just left on the doorstep it could have been stolen. Its happened to me. The seller here should be safe since the mail shows it was delivered. Thats what confirmation is for. If the buyer didn't want or pay for insurance the loss is hers.
  5. Actually, if insurance wasn't purchased, it's the seller's loss. The seller is always expected to get the package to the buyer. Insurance is for the protection of the seller. If you put the disclaimer in your auction that you're not responsible for lost or damaged packages once they leave your hands, it doesn't matter. You are, no matter what. If she paid with Paypal, they will definately side with her, and take the money from your account. I'm speaking from experience. I was the buyer. I filed the claim and won.
  6. Perhaps your post office has service that shown receiver's name if the receiver not the name stated in package? My buyer tried to claim she never received her Lv shoes, too while my EMS traced obv. shown item received since 5 days ago and lucky me, the traced stated name of receiver, so my buyer can say nothing except "thanks" ;)
  7. I had this happen to me and paypal sided with me. Once the post office shows the item delivered, insurance no longer applies. You have proof it was delivered, that's all paypal needs

    How in the heck could you or the post office know that this girl didn't get the shoes and isn't totally full of crap claiming they were stolen

    You're in good shape here, I would tell her to go to her post office and talk to them there, then see what happens. Don't give her a refund, you had it delivered safely according to the post office, that is all you're required to do.

    GOOD LUCK!!! :yes:
  8. I totally agree with the last post.

    You have confirmation that these shoes were delivered. You could check with the Post Office yourself if you are worried but it is really up to the Buyer to do that. You have done your bit. The parcel has been delivered as far as you are concerned, if she starts a Paypal dispute it will be found in your favour.

    I have found Paypal quite good in these instances too - you could always give them a call and state that it says it has been delivered but the buyer is saying she hasn't got them - what should you do now.

    Keep us posted! (pardon the pun!!)
  9. I wish there is a rule posted by eBay and/or PayPal about delivery and signature confirmation. I think this is very important to both buyers and sellers.
  10. If you read Paypal's Seller Protection Policy, the rule is there.
  11. Hmmm. That's odd, because I was told on the phone by Paypal that insurance is to protect the seller, not the buyer, several times. Also, I had a package shipped to me last year and even though she had delivery confirmation stating it had been delivered, I did not get it. She had not insured it. I won the claim and got a full refund.
  12. If you search this forum for "insurance" there are many instances of this happening. Always purchase insurance, if tyou are the seller. Also, you need signature confirmation, not just delivery confirm if the item is over $250.
    I bumped up just one of the threads I found on this insurance issue.
  13. Just to clarify:
    I shipped from Canada to the US. (So it starts with Canada post and then gets taken over by USPS).
    I did purchase Insurance .
    Can't remember if I asked for signature - I did it on line and I think I asked for signature but I am not sure if it went throigh for sure.
    The seller only has 7 FB and I have 211 as well as an Ebay store.
    I'm going to check with Paypal and I'll let you all know what happens.
  14. I did not know that - thanks!
  15. did you send it to a confirmed paypal address?