buyer claims LV roxbury vernis is fake...

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  1. taking any advise anybody can give.

    buyer claims it is a fake - i have many more pictures, but my ebay auction number is 390149979126. i had a hard time photographing the exact color of the bag due to the lighting situation - i either would over expose to show the vernis or underexpose to show the patina-ed leather. i did purchase this second hand, but i am very certain the bag is 100% authentic.

    tells me his friend has an authentic bag and sent me a side by side pic of that bag and the one i sold...hello, the snaps are totally different!! said the one on the left was my bag (at first) then retracted and said that the one on the right is mine. so if mine has the authentic snap on it (i redirected him do the website with the picture of the snap along with many other bags and their snaps posted on ebay), wouldn't you think he would question the authenticity of the other bag??

    here's the pic that was sent. but at any rate, please help me authenticate - i think he's trying to bait and switch the bag...

    have this posted in 2 places since it's both an authentication and ebay matter...ugh...oh, forgot to mention that the buyer is international - if i offer to take the bag back and refund, do i refund his original shipping? no way am i going to refund his return shipping (that's always the buyer's responsibility). i'll be out $50 if i do.

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  2. You need to post a lot more photos and do so in the Authenticate This LV thread. If the buyer wins a SNAD against you you will indeed have to pay his shipping, and the new policy is to have the seller pay for shipping both ways. Ebay and PP will not simply accept our word for the authenticity. You should contact CarolDiva who authenticates LV. PP accepts letters from her, but it may cost as much as $70 (but better than losing this claim, right?)

  3. Its is up to the buyer to prove that the bag is fake so the buyer would ahve to contact caroldiva. The regular authentication from her is 5$ and 70 is for an official letter.
  4. Yes, but since the seller never authenticated in the first place and she bought it on eBay, she may want to at least authenticate it here and if any doubts arise, talk to Carol.

    I mean, it is the responsibility of the seller to authenticate BEFORE she sells, right?
  5. I looked at your auction and it's pretty clear that the snap in the right of the picture you posted above is from your bag, which is an authentic snap, IMO. I also feel that your bag is authentic by looking at the auction pics, but everyone is right in saying you will need more pics for documentation to paypal. I would worry about bait and switch as well, so be sure to have the pics handy.. especially any of the snaps since you have proof in a picture from her that she has the same, fake, bag in her posession and the 2 bags have different snaps (if she sends back a bag with different snaps, this will become important)
  6. I'd be worried that they'll do a SNAD and return a fake one (the one w/ the diff snaps) and you didn't tag your bag to prevent that (or did you?... if you did I missed it) switch-a-roo.
  7. i agreed to take the bag back in it's exact original condition. but what if the bag i get isn't the one i sent out?? and am i supposed to reimburse him the original shipping costs?? btw - this guy left me positive feedback before this whole authenticity doubt started, and i left him feedback also, thinking this transaction was closed and he was satisfied. i do have tons more pictures of this bag (for cases like this) that i have if i need it to prove the authenticity of the bag or to send to ebay.
  8. OP I'm sorry that you are going through this.

    On a sidenote, I don't think you're allowed to post your own auctions on here.
  9. I would be very interested to see the outcome of having your bag authenticated. I am not sure it is authentic. I have owned the Roxbury Drive in Amarante and your bag just looks "off" to me. Sorry. Maybe I am wrong...honestly, there are not enough clear, crisp photos in your listing to properly authenticate.
  10. OP, where is your bag from?
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    bag is from ebay. just got confirmation from caroldiva after sending her 24 pictures of the bag and giving her the ebay listing number that the bag is authentic. thanks for all of you who pointed me in her direction. so now if i accept the return from the buyer, do i owe him his original shipping costs?
  12. if he has a fake similar to yours my concern would be to make sure that you have your bag and not his friend's or whomever bag he was using for comparisons.
    if you decide to take the return make sure he knows you'll refund only and when you get the exactly same bag you send to him...the best way of avoiding switch and bait is by using some kind of tags attached to your bag that cannot be removed if the buyer wants a return.
  13. Yay! That is one obstacle out of the way. The coloration of your bag just appeared so "flat" in your photos and the texture of the vernis finish looked bumpy. I am glad it is authentic.

    How about providing your authentication information from Carol to the seller and see if the seller still wants to return? I don't understand what grounds the seller has to return on though.

    I saw your sale gut says that the seller is having buyers' remorse for having paid so much. Just my thought.
  14. I don't think the seller needs to buy security tags...believe me there is a way around those no matter what everyone thinks. I think her best protection is that she has tons of photos of the bag she sold.
  15. this bag was like the hardest thing i've had to photograph - i have a digital slr and in manual mode, i was over and under exposing my pictures to get the right details. that's probably why the coloration looks off. i sent the confirmation from carol to my buyer, but he still is convinced that it's fake. he's sending the bag back, so we'll see what i get. am i obligated still, to return the original shipping charge? i did state that i will only do a refund upon inspection and that all original items be returned. at least i have the fuzzy pictures he sent me of the 2 bags, so that if anything happens (like a bait and switch), i can tell ebay that he did have 2 of the same bags in his possession. and i have those other pictures (which i really don't want to release until this ordeal is over). what kind of security tags are people using? just curious - for future reference :smile: