Buyer Claims he Didnt buy it ..Refunded.. NPB?..

Nov 12, 2006
Devon, Uk
Hi guys
I had a buyer who bought a item On a bin immediate payment And later emailed me to Say he didnt buy them and could he retract his bid as He couldnt use the item
I thought this was strange as Im sure you couldnt have 3 passwords and not notice someone buy something hmmmmmmmmmmm?
However i refunded him sold it on and did a npb while which he last week left feedback and never replied to the NPB I simply stated buyer claimed he did not buy product and ebay closed the matter
He then started Today to email me saying it was completely unfair etc etc
How im a bad seller and just done this out of spite and how he will be appealing
Guys please tell me if this is wrong but surely a buyer buys claims it wasnt else do I return fees and let ebay know the transaction never went ahead
I replied to his emails stating simply if the transaction had not have been for him claiming he didnt buy the item and didnt want it then there would have been nothing for him to complain about.:confused1:
Please help me out guys am i in the right or am i completely overlooking the buyers rights?


Because I said so
May 7, 2006
Hard to understand but I think the NPB is totally appropriate. Ignore him. Has he left you feedback yet?


Nov 16, 2007
portland, or
Mail him with:
"Do you have another story/explanation because ebay and I find it impossible to believe your claims that you didn't buy item since there are a few screens and procedures to fulfill for a buy now transaction."


Labrador Lover
Oct 4, 2006
You could have done a mutually decided not to complete transaction but he would have had to agree with it. And I hate doing those because it doesn't let other sellers know you are dealing with a numpty


Feb 9, 2007
Surely you have to file NPB to get your fees back from ebay? Just explain to him that is why...anyway he IS a non paying bidder!? I would be like how else would you describe your actions? Some ppl...srsly :wacko: