Buyer claims fake after 5 months! NIGHTMARE! HELP!!!

  1. Hello all. I am new at this forum thing but found a rather interesting forum chat and couldn't figure out how to reopen it ~ so I am starting a new one. I am referring to the original forum at: Buyer claims fake after 5 months! NIGHTMARE! HELP!!!

    This is a pretty long read, so I don't blame you if you don't have the time to read "the other side". :o)

    It is VERY interesting to read all the emails (which I have saved) from the originator of the original forum ~ pink.caviar. She used to sell under Premier Estate Gems and can NO longer sell purses on eBay. How do I know??? Because I am the one who bought the "Gucci" bag back in September. Let me give you some history...... I have never owned a Gucci bag until I bought this one on eBay for $400. The auction went on and on about how this bag is authentic. So, what the heck, what a good price for a bag right? Bought it. The bolt that holds the horsebit to the handle was broken. When I got the bag, I took it into NM. As she stated I said I took it into Gucci, well, there isn't a Gucci store here in Austin ~ so that was false. NM said they would send it off to their repair center. They did, and from what I thought ~ they couldn't fix it so they sent it to Gucci to fix. Well, after 6 weeks give or take I got it back in the mail. The bolt was too long and would jab into your shoulder and it wasn't fixed right. So, I took it back into NM and they fixed it better this time. During that time I bought an authentic bag from NM while waiting for mine to be fixed. When I got the bag back, which puts us roughly at the first of December I decided I didn't need two and wanted to sell this one on eBay. Sold it but when the person got it she emailed me that day saying this was not an authentic bag. She returned it and I refunded her money NO QUESTIONS ASKED. So that put us at mid January.

    I then contacted the Seller ~ Premier Estate Gems ~ and she stated it had been too long and she would return it for an $85 restocking fee..... Are you kidding me???? So, we went round and round and I told her to just email me the receipt and I would relist. So I relisted and guess what? After 4 days on ebay VeRO took the listing off and referred me to the Counterfeit link. After getting nowhere with them I have since contacted Gucci. Now, mind you, Premier Estate Gems can no longer sell bags on ebay.......hmmmmmm

    I have been dealing with Gucci and they are quite curious about this whole story. Let me explain something that is quite interesting. On this original thread Pink.Caviar said she is 99.9% sure this bag is authentic because she purchased it from a friend who wouldn't buy fake. Well, on the original ebay listing she said that she ~ Premier Estate Gems ~ bought this bag in 06. Hmmmm.....but in the original thread it says that her friend bought the bag..... Actually, she did email me a receipt that shows the bag was bought for $539. Now, this bag retails for $850 ~ but the seller said at times you can get bags for a discount if you know someone at Gucci and you buy the display...... She says she couldn't say any more than that. Well guess what???? After talking to Gucci, the receipt isn't even for this bag. Interesting huh?

    So, I am still fighting to get my money back from the seller. Gucci is very interested in this whole story ~ especially about how you can buy the display at a discount. The rep had never heard of that?? And for NM fixing the bag? The rep at Gucci looked up my name and there was no record of them ever fixing the bag. She said a lot of times NM will fix it themselves and not send it in to them. I would call NM ~ but really, that doesn't even matter anymore.

    And yes, I am a mother of 3. Obviously my husband makes enough money to where I don't have to work. So, as for me being "not making enough money" as she says, that's not the issue at hand. The issue at hand is she hasn't told the truth throughout this whole ordeal. And, for me calling her "heartless, cruel and spoiled" , I have NEVER ONCE said anything like that to her. That is not how I operate in treating people.

    There you have it. I am just trying to get my money back because I have been scammed. But rest assured, this is not over as her original post was AWESOME ~ it has provided alot of information that I needed.

    And thanks to the person that sent me the email about this forum, I had no idea it even existed. I appreciate you more than words itself.
  2. Since Swanky closed the other thread, it may be best to see if they want this re-opened. I'm sure she closed the other thread for a good reason. Try sending her a pm to see what she says....Just a friendly heads up.
  3. Thanks. How in the heck do I do that? Like I said, I am totally new at this and would rather post on the old thread. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Ugh, this whole ordeal is so weird and confusing!

    Brandee, just because I am curious, how did you discover tPF? and especially, how in all of the posts that are on this website did you find that your seller was on tPF and posted about this situation?!
  5. Also not trying to play the skeptic but...

    If you just found out about this forum, then why did you register two months ago?
  6. Have you gotten a second opinion on the bag? You should do so - post under with as many pics as possible of all angles, especially a good shot of the number found underneath the tag.

    I know you state that one of your buyers claimed that the bag was fake consequently you refunded and relisted a second time which was pulled by VERO. Do not rely on VERO's decision completely and unequivocally, VERO has been known to cancel listings that are authentic who knows why, but they have done so many times over the years. Also a buyer suffering from buyers remorse will make all kinds of claims to get their money back. This buyer most likely reported your listing probably causing the second one to be pulled.

    As soon as you post pics, we can help from there.
  7. i think you maybe cant send a PM until youve been here a while,, im not sure though she may wind up posting here before you contact her since she monitors the threads

    But to do it you could at the top menu thing click member list, then go to M's and search for the name SWANKY MAMA OF THREE And click it. Then her profile thing comes up and go to send private message

    good luck
    this whole situation is crazy i hope somehow this all gets worked out,,
  8. Well I just finished reading the 'other' thread you were referring to. I am not going to comment on a closed thread. :thinking:The seller stated that she is going to refund you. Update on that?
  9. I'm pretty sure this will be closed too. You can't open a new thread about a closed topic. But goodluck to ya!
  10. As an aside, just because Vero remove an auction item, it doesn't absolutely mean the item is counterfeit. If you do a search on here, you can see that lots of genuine auctions get removed incorrectly by Vero.

    As someone else said, you would probably be best to photo the bag and post pictures in the "Authenticate this" thread for Gucci.

  11. Hi I see where you are comin from as many of us have been there, believe me. You have not mentioned actually getting the bag authenticated, you say Gucci are interested but not that they have confirmed it fake. You need to find out for sure, vero is not enough I think.
    I also discovered a fake after 8 months and called Paypal and they were no help at all and put the phone down on me mid conversation. If you do confirm its fake, your credit card might be your only option...
  12. You have to make sure it is fake with Gucci. Vero know absolutely squat about designer bags, seriously, they are always taking down real bags and leaving up the really awful unconvincing fakes.
  13. :goodpost:
  14. Agreed, you should just leave it all alone now to be honest. Rather than bringing it all up again
  15. Hello all. Let me try to answer any questions on this. Why did I register 2 months ago? Well, when I first started having problems with this purse an ebay member told me about this site and to look up forums about her because people were talkin about premier estate gems on selling counterfeits. I tried, and have never used a forum before so I was not successful. That's the reason I registered 2 months ago ~ to try to do my own research.

    Second, No, she has not agreed to refund me. She did state that she would refund $200 when I bought the bag for $400. No thanks, I am sending the bag back so why wouldn't I get the full refund.

    Third, I guess someone was looking out for me because I got a message from an ebay member with a link to this forum. How do I know this is the seller??? Because this is the situation that I have been dealing with for 5 months and things she is saying on here is exactly the things that she is saying to me.

    Lastly, sorry that I reopened another thread on this. I don't know the guidelines to this site. So, if this gets closed, that's fine, I just had to tell my side. There are always two sides to every story.

    And, thanks again to everyone for listening and for the wonderful advice. Obviously there is more going on with Gucci that I am not going to disclose. I want to keep my case with them private since it is their bag.

    Thanks again!