Buyer claims fake after 5 months! NIGHTMARE! HELP!!!

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  1. In case you couldn't tell from my title, I am panicking right now. I listed a Gucci bag on eBay back in September. I am 99.9% sure it is authentic as I have a lot of experience with handbags and the person that owned this is not someone that would carry or sell a fake and she confirmed it was purchased from south coast plaza (Gucci flagship store there).

    Furthermore, this bag was originally sold with a small defect on the handle. A few days after the buyer received the bag, she sent an email stating the bag was wonderful and she took it to Gucci and said they fixed the defect on the handle for free. Obvoiusly, Gucci would not fix a FAKE bag. So this should be proof enough (if needed) that the bag was indeed real.

    However, I heard from her 2 months later that she thinks the bag is fake and wants to return it back. I checked and she tried to sell this bag on eBay twice. I told her, you took it to Gucci and they actually fixed it for you, so how can you claim it was fake. She ate her words and said she would relist it again.

    I thought the nightmare from this psycho buyer was over, but now 2-3 months later, she emails again and says VERO removed her listing and she took this to Gucci and someone said it was fake and is requesting my personal information and the bag to be sent to them. She is threatening me by saying she will give all my personal information to Gucci and send th bag back. AND she is now going back on her words and saying, maybe Neiman Marcus fixed her bag for free because "the Gucci lady says sometimes Neiman Marcus fixes the bags themselves."

    My question to everyone is, should I just refund her to get her off my back? Is it legal for her to give out my personal info to Gucci, what if she baits and switches and sends a fake Gucci to Gucci and I take the heat for it? And I smell a little BS about the whole Neiman Marcus fixing her bag because she did say she SENT the item to GUCCI specifically and they fixed it, and I am pretty sure NEiman marcus would not fix a Gucci item for free. Any opinions or advice would be REALLY appreciated. Thanks girls!:tdown:
  2. Sorry you happened such that trouble maker... Do you still have her emails that said she fixed it to Gucci? Don't let her threat you! If it's really a fake bag, she also has "mistake". She's trying to sell fake bag and she's in position that she know it's fake. Although Gucci come after you ( in the case we can trust this trouble maker ), you able to prove them that Gucci repaired it and contact the woman you purchased from.

    For your protection, just block her ID from your auction. Since she can't file dispute, she might be able to create you trouble.
  3. No way should you refund the buyer. She's had the bag for five months AND she admitted she even had it repaired by Gucci, that is proof enough that it is authentic. Believe me, Gucci would never agree to repair a fake bag. Your buyer received an authentic bag and now she's trying to hold you accountable for a fake, purely because she wants money. Don't entertain this person, she is off her rocker. As far as her passing on your details to Gucci, I wouldn't worry about it. No one can prove that the bag she shows them, is the same bag as she won in your auction. Tell her to take a running jump... in the nearest lake!
  4. lol @ minimouse. thats hilarious and I wish I could tell her to jump in the lake and leave me alone!

    I am still worried about her because it is obvious she has a lot of time on her hands. I a tempted to just refund her even if she does do a bait and switch. IT was only a few hundred dollars and I do not want to deal with her possibly harassing me along with Gucci harassing me or sue-ing me!

    But is it legal for her to do this? And does anyone know if what she is saying about NM fixing it is true? I am assuming she is lying because she stated specifically she sent it to Gucci. And this bag wasn't purchased from NM so why would they agree to fix it for her.

    Right now I am tempted to just refund her and get her off my back. It is so stressful dealing with someone like this, I don't think I want to sell any name brand items on Ebay ever again, there are too many people on there that are either really poor or really have too much times on their hands.
  5. I'd tell her, "Do what you want, but I won't cave in to blackmail. I still have your e-mail telling me you had Gucci fix the bag I sold you, and they certainly would not have fixed a fake. So whatever bag you have now clearly isn't the one I sold you."
  6. She waited to long. Legally you have no problems
  7. Seriously pink.caviar, don't give in to her. You are totally in the clear.

    Just think... what if you refunded her and she then decided it was an easy way to make money and she tried to do the same to others, how would you feel? I say stand tough against this dishonest buyer! :boxing:
  8. I'd ignore her, what's she gonna do?!
  9. This is great advice - I think you should do this as well! Stand firm - she is a scammer and after 5 months, she has no leg to stand on in this case.
  10. I agree that you shouldn't refund her. So what if she gives Gucci your personal information? It's her word against yours. You can't even be sure the bag she is showing to Gucci is the same bag you sent her! She has nothing to stand on here.

    If you do decide to refund her, please have her ship the bag back to you FIRST! Don't just give her her money back and let her keep the bag. If she were dealing with a store and wanted a refund, they would demand the merchandise back before they issued a refund as well.
  11. Hi there, sorry this is happening to you, it happened to me recently, I resold a bag which was sold to me and i didnt know it was fake. I refunded as it was in fact fake but i had bought it 8 months earlier. I have a thread on this if you would like the link. I was terribly angry with the person who sold it to me but she offered me nothing 8 months later and i have no legal leg to stand on. Paypal and ebay said too long it must be done within 2 months.
    I personally think your bag was genuine as no repairs would have been carried out. You say 99.9 % sure, so perhaps this lady has cottoned onto that and decided to try her luck if she is getting fed up with the bag and wants a refund. Legally though, she will not get very far after so long and I think if you ignore her she will go away. I know how very stressed you feel right now but the lengths she would need to go to take any action against you would be too risky for her financially.
    My only advice and this is from experience, is only sell if you are 100 % sure. Good luck and keep us posted:cutesy:
  12. I would explain to her that the bag was authentic otherwise it would have been confiscated by the ppl who did the repairs. Most importantly though, VERO removes authentic handbags all the time.

    We are not sure what their qualifications are but it could be the sellers wording, their reputation. If they have a problem with VERO, they should bring this up with them.

    The buyer has no recourse after so long so just be friendly and helpful. I wouldn't get all worked up about it though.
  13. What is wrong with these people, EBAY is full of crazies, I swear,I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I can't imagine a buyer coming back to me so many months later with some BS like what you're describing.
  14. This is BS. Do not cave in to this buyer.
  15. Sorry this is happening to you. Ebay is full of people like this. She's bluffing.
    She realizes it's gonna cost her more $$ to get back less. So she is trying to scare you. Hold your ground. DON"T give in. Let us know the outcome.
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