Buyer claims bracelet clasp is broken > not true. Help!

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  1. My buyer called me (never had this happen before - was caught off guard) to tell me the bracelet she received was not fastening properly. I was very surprised to hear that - I tried it on again before I sent it out and sent it with the clasp closed, and it worked perfectly. It was never even worn. Unless she damaged the push-lock closure by ramming it in again and again, I know this bracelet was in top condition when I sent it.

    She was very calm (rambling on a bit) and said she loved the bracelet and wanted to keep it and wanted to ask a jeweler. I told her to ask a jeweler and see what they say about this "broken clasp." I have a feeling she's going to come back at me with a "quote" that I'm expected to pay. If I tell her to simply send it back, I fear she will intentionally damage the lock to justify her cause. Any ideas about how to handle this? Thanks!
  2. Sounds like a partial fisher to me. Or like you said she damaged it herself. Either way I would not get drawn into haggling over it with her. She can either keep it the way it is or return for a refund.
    Have you checked her FB both received and left for others and done an Advanced Search to see what all she has been buying? Maybe it is another bracelet----who knows, but if it were me I would do a check first.,
  3. She has a lot of positive feedback, though much of it is not that recent. She purchased another (very different) bracelet recently and that's it. What's the best way to word the email to ask her to either 1)keep it and deal with the "broken clasp" or 2) send it back (hopefully not damaged)?
  4. How expensive was the bracelet? The reason I ask is the amount of bs from the buyer is usually directly proportionate to the cost of the item.
    I would wait for her response before asking for pictures of the 'damage'.
  5. The bracelet was $300. I asked her to send pictures of the clasp in case I could see any damage, but the pictures don't show anything. I called a local jeweler and described the problem and she said she would even fix it for free. If the buyer comes back with a small ($25?) "price" I may agree just to avoid losing the rest of the cost, but any more than that would be ridiculous and insulting.
  6. That is good! Always try and stay one step ahead :yes: Now see what she comes back may not hear from her again.

  7. Agree here.. if your jeweler would fix it without a charge, probably another
    jeweler wouldbe inclined to do the same..

    A nominal $25 charge would be ok under these circumstances.. anything more
    just ask your buyer to return it... I'd call her bluff personally..
  8. I'd call her bluff. If she does send it back and it arrives damaged you have someone who has offered to fix it for free. Then you can relist it.
  9. What is the best way to call her bluff without sounding rude and making things worse? I'm afraid calling her on it will make her feel compelled to exacerbate any "damage" before sending it back.

  10. Just let her know politely that if she is unhappy she can feel free to return the bracelet

    And if she contacts you & lets you know that it will cost more than $25 for the
    repair that is your out...taking everything into consideration if it should be
    a $30 charge you have to weigh in at that as well...
  11. Sounds like buyers remorse to me. I'd the clasp is just loose it's an easy fix and sometimes if it's bought form the retailer then they can take it to that retailer and they will fix it for free. But I would be worried about the buyer damaging it to returned it. But i think if everything was done via eBay you can open a case saying that the time you received back was not in the same condition as sent.
  12. I told her to send the bracelet back if she isn't happy with it, and she disappeared for a bit only to reappear and say she wants to return it. What can I do if she sends it back intentionally damaged?
  13. You can contact eBay tell them the situation and provide proof that the item was revived in different condition than shipped.
  14. ^^ Yes that is true. Also, if that is the case (where the bracelet was intentionally damaged), I was told by ebay that I could give a partial refund. Of course, there is always the possibility that she will object or bring it up with ebay. It sounds like you have a situation similar to what I've been dealing with, although my buyer can't make up his mind whether to return or keep (long story...). Good luck to you and hopefully you can get your bracelet back in the condition it was sent!