Buyer claimed zipper didn't work well

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  1. So I sold a bag on Ebay, brand new with tags and everything. Whe the buyer received it she emailed me saying she felt the zipper was broken or defective and didn't open and close right. I told her I was sorry, I hadn't noticed a problem with it and she could return it to me. I then called the manufacturer and told them about the problem and they said they have never had a return on this bag for a zipper problem, but that this style bag's zipper was a bit stiffer because it is curved. They also said they would replace the bag if it was in fact broken. So I emailed her back and told her the manufacturer would send her a new bag directly and send her a free UPS label to return the 'defective' one. She then said she didn't want a new bag and felt she would have the same issue with the new one.
    I said fine send it back to me for a refund. I feel that she should pay both the initial shipping and the return shipping though. I lost close to $50 in ebay and paypal fees and there was nothing wrong with the bag. It was supposed to be a final sale and I even offered her a brand new one from the manufacturer. I think she just didn't want it... buyers remorse. Do you think it is reasonable that she covers shipping charges?
  2. Sounds like buyers remorse to me! Your suggestion sounds reasonable, make the offer to her and otherwise let Paypal sort it out.
  3. If you refund her through Paypal, and use eBay's "mutually agreed to cancel" option, you will get all but your listing fees back.
  4. Really? I didn't know there was such an option??? :shrugs:
  5. Refund her $1 and tell her to go get some oil with it. Unless the zipper is broken, don't settle for silly excuses about zippers not working well.
  6. :yahoo::roflmfao: but I think that option will get her a negative FB for sure! lol But damn that's funny.:roflmfao:Thanks I needed that.
  7. I know this is from left field but by any chance is the bag you are referring to a Kooba Jessie?
  8. ^^^^^

    :graucho: The plot thickens! LOL!
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Thanks, I needed a laugh about this!
  10. Actually it is a Botkier Bryant Hobo. And Jinnie from Botkier was going to replace it for her for free. But it wasn't even broken! I got it back and it worked fine. Yes, it is a little harder to zip than a straight zipper, but DUH, it is curved! Sorry, no more venting! :cursing:
  11. I see her issue. Both of my Botkier Bryants have zippers that are like that. I have been thinking my bags are defective. I now just leave the zipper open because its so hard to get it to zip open and closed.