buyer claim the item was damaged!

  1. I sold a collector book on eBay last week. The book was in perfect condition with the shrink wrap. I didn't not notice any damage when I have it. I am pretty sure it was in perfect condition. I also package it very well with tissue paper wrap around it. The buyer contacted me today saying the book's top conner was damaged. But she didn't say want she want me to do yet. I dont know what I should do.

    I specific all sales are final in my listing, and I did buy insurance for the shipping. Should I file a claim with USPS?

    The worst case would be my book was in good shape, but the buyer now switch to a damaged one and want to return it. What can I do if this is the case. p.s. in my eBay listing, I have picture of the book showing it was in good condition.

    Please help!!!
  2. If she didn't say anything else other than to tell you that the book's corner was damaged, I wouldn't do anything at all. She might've just wanted to mention it to you that it was damaged during shipping. It's not your fault once it leaves your hands and since you purchased insurance, you're covered on your end, so I wouldn't worry about anything just yet. :smile:
  3. I'd wait to see if she contacts you again wanting something to be done about the damage. I'd then ask for pictures of the damage and would then, if refunding the buyer, claim for damages through the post office since it was insured.
  4. Personally, I would offer her a partial refund and make a claim with USPS since you purchased insurance. It is entirely possible it was damaged during shipping, which really isn't the buyer's fault, and she should be compensated IMHO.