Buyer changed package to non-confirmed address after I shipped. Need advice.

  1. I have a new one and was hoping some other eBay sellers have run into this one.

    I list in my auctions that if the auction is over $250 that I will only ship to confirmed addresses with a signature required. I had someone who won the auction ($900) and sent me the payment right away.

    The next day right before I left to ship it I received an e-mail asking if I can ship it to their work (unconfirmed). I wrote that I couldn't due to Paypal's protection policies and listed it in the auction that I would only ship to a confirmed address with signature required. He wrote back "OK" so I shipped it and sent him an e-mail with the tracking information. This was about a week ago.

    I get an e-mail today that I need to put my customer needs first because he cannot be home to sign for it. He also said he called UPS and has them reroute the package to his work.

    Will this affect me as the seller if he were to start a claim with Paypal? I sent it correctly but the buyer changed the shipment terms. Should I call UPS and insist they stay the same as I sent the item? I'm concerned because the tone I'm getting in the e-mails is bordering on rude, the buyer didn't read my auction terms, and this is a large and expensive item. Any advice?
  2. this is very strange. usually only the original shipper can have the package re-routed...
  3. The buyer should abide by YOUR terms, not his. You don't need to bend over backward for someone. In any case, what he does with UPS is not your concern, as long as you have proof (tracking number) that you did indeed ship to the confirmed address.

    It does sound fishy to me. If he's not home to sign for it, UPS will hold the package (for 7 days?) until he comes to claim/sign for it. This sounds like a case of him using an account (that probably isn't his) and wants it delivered somewhere else.
  4. not always. I work very long hours, and it isn't uncommon for something to develop that requires me to work 16 hours a day for 10 or more days straight. If I get home and find a UPS or FedEx slip during that time, I will leave them written instructions to deliver my package somewhere else.

    Before I was married I lived in an urban neighborhood and didn't want my packages left on my porch by either UPS or FedEx. My personal mailing address was a PO Box, which was also my PayPal verified address.

    Not everyone who needs something shipped to another address is trying to scam you.
  5. Anyone can have their package rerouted now, I have done it with a few packages over the past few weeks. Luckily my UPS was the same one who delivers to my work and it was on his route.

    You show that you originally sent it to his confirmed address and you have proof of that on your tracking paperwork right? Thats all you need to satisfy PayPal and eBay. Your buyer is an idiot.
  6. I don't see any reason for you to worry and the buyer needs to realize that you need to operate under the rules paypal dictates, which is exactly what you did. If he had the package re-routed to his work, that is fine and will not affect you as you sent it to the correct address being the confirmed address.

    I have, from time to time, had FedEx or Purolator re-route a package to my office if I knew I could not be home to sign for it. It was not a big deal and they are happy to re-route items.
  7. That's true, not everyone out there is a scammer. I just recently dealt with a moron who wanted her item sent to "her bf's house" and the address was not on her paypal account. So I told her to add that address on the account she wants to pay with and confirm it first. Haven't heard from her since and will be reporting it to eBay. :tdown:

    I just wanted to through out the possibility of a potential scam.
  8. I don't think it was a scam since this buyer asked me a lot of questions before bidding. I just wish he would have read my shipping requirements (which aren't unreasonable) and not bid if he had issues with it.

    I do have a receipt that shows I sent the item to a confirmed address with signature required so I guess I'll be fine. I just hadn't come across this one selling yet. Just trying to make sure the i's are dotted and t's are crossed since the buyer's tone has been getting hostile over this and you never know if they will try to make a claim when things get heated.
  9. Still though, telling you to put your customer needs first, is out of line because your terms were clearly stated before he won the bid.
  10. I wouldn't worry so long as you have proof you shipped to the confirmed address. I personally hate signature required shipping - I understand it - but hate it. Everyone in my household works fulltime & it really is a big PIA to go to UPS 2 towns away to pick up anything during their hours. UPS is not convenient to everyone. But the buyer should have been a little nicer I think & read the terms ahead.
  11. I had the reverse happen to me. I purchased two high end items on ebay and noticed that my shipping address on ebay/paypal suddenly showed an old work address (unconfirmed).

    During payment, I tried to change the address to my confirmed address (a PO Box) but couldn't so sent URGENT notes to both sellers stating "please don't send to the unconfirmed address! It's wrong."

    One seller ignored my note and shipped it. So now there's a $1750 Chanel bag coming from Japan going to a dead address. If I ever see the item, it'll probably be December.

    Bottom line, after I spoke with Paypal to ask what I can do -- the seller has no protection since Paypal records show the address is unconfirmed.

    If your paypal records indicate you had a confirmed address and that's where you sent it, you'll be ok.
  12. i hope it turns out ok for you i would be pissed.
    If i was you i would just call ups and have it sent to the orginal address worst case he can claim he never got the package he never had it rerouted etc and i can just imagine who paypal will hold