Buyer Can't Use Paypal and WON'T Find Another Way to Pay!

    As I described a week or so ago in my previous thread on this topic,, I sold an authentic Bbag almost a month ago for a Best Offer of almost $1000. I stated in my auction that I would only accept Paypal. Unfortunately, after my buyer made her payment through Paypal, they canceled the transaction. Apparently, there is something wrong with her roommate's Paypal account and so they won't process any funds from anyone with that same address. This took almost two weeks for them to figure out and in the end they refunded her money to her in full.

    I have offered to accept a cashier's check or bank check or any other secure form of payment, but she now says she is not willing to send me money until Paypal resolves things. Well, I've spoken to Paypal three times now and they are not going to do ANYTHING! As far as they're concerned, her account is tainted (and I can't blame them.)

    I emailed her (directly and thru eBay) several times this week VERY POLITELY asking her how she would like to take care of things. No response. I emailed her to say that if I did not hear from her I would, reluctantly, have to open a non-payment dispute with eBay. Still no response. So I filed a non-payment dispute with eBay. Here's exactly what I wrote:

    My buyer tried paying via Paypal, but her account was not in good status, so the payment was returned
    to her. She told me she would try to open a different Paypal account. Nothing yet. I offered to
    accept a cashier's check. No response. I have been waiting for several weeks now for her to resolve
    this issue. She is no longer responding to my emails. She entered into a contract with me to purchase
    this bag. I want her to have it at our agreed price! But, first she must find a way to pay.

    NOW, she responds with this:

    I tried to make payment to this seller, my paypal account was not the account in question but my
    roomates, paypal has made her aware of this. I also do not appreciate her RUDE emails. I am NOT
    comfortable sending her a money order for such a large amount, as much as she WOULDN'T either. I will not send her payment until this issue is resolved with paypal.

    My response to her response:
    The issue was resolved by Paypal. They will not process her payments. That is not my fault. I have
    been nothing but patient and polite. She is the one who stopped responding to my emails and left me
    with no recourse other than to open a dispute. I hope she can figure out how she is going to make
    good on her commitment to pay for this auction. That is HER responsibility! I am more than open to
    her suggestions, but she has had none and this is the first I have heard from her in several days.

    These three communications were through ebay's Dispute Console. I also emailed her directly and told her that I would like nothing better than to close the dispute, but that she needs to find a way to pay for this auction! Does ebay read these? Does any of it matter?

    I am just so furious!!:cursing: I've been waiting for succesful payment on this auction since April the 11th! I have been nothing but kind and understanding and patient and communicative with her and I KNEW that as soon as I put my foot down she'd start in with the insults. DAMN. Any advice? Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. I think you've done all you can do, and now she has a week or so to figure it out or get hit with a NPB strike
    You paid a lot in fees by selling a $1000. bag & the only way you can recoup those is by filing a NPB.

    The facts are right there, (and they do read them) and it is her responsibility to get payment to you in a timely manner. You've been more patient than I would have been.
  3. The ball is in her court, so to speak. You did your part, now she should do hers. I hope this gets resolved soon.
  4. How frustrating for you and you have every right to file the NPB.
    Is the buyer willing to use bidpay?
  5. That is messed up. She needs to either pay you or let you know she will not be paying so you can relist. Good luck!
  6. what I do'nt get is - has her roommate's account been re-instated? bec I had once a problem, and as soon as I had back in good standing, so to speak, i was able to use the account. but I just had to re-instate the balance. maybe it depends on the issue.

    my point is: could it be that she is having buyer's remorse now? or is there still a problem with the account?
  7. ^^^I agree. Call paypal yourself and try to find out whether she is telling the truth, and how she can pay you.
  8. You need to file an NPB right away and hope she doesn't respond. Recoup your fees and move on.

    Another SAD paypal story!
  9. Lovin' you guys and all of your support!:smile: Her story is that her roommate, who last she told me was out of the country, had a dispute with Paypal which he doesn't intend to fix. Seeing the same address as his for HER Paypal account, they froze her account. No $ in or out. She told me last week she would try to open a new Paypal account using her mother's address, but then she failed to update me on that for several days, even though I emailed BOTH of her email addresses several times.

    I recognize that I may just have to recoup my fees on this one and relist it, but if she sneaks out of it, I want her to have that NPB bad mark on her account!:cursing:

    This from a buyer who originally was so anxious to get this bag that she wanted me to ship BEFORE her Paypal payment cleared! What chutzpah. (Yiddish for NERVE!)
  10. She asked you to ship before the payment cleared initially, sounds suspicious to me, she may have known that something like this was going to happen - at least you still have your bag! I'd file NPB and relist...
  11. I would file for NPB through ebay. She techinically has seven days after auction's end to pay you, which she obviously has failed to do. At this point, ebay will side with you. I'd go ahead and relist the bag, since the main objective is for you to get paid for a bag you want to sell!
  12. ugghhh what a %*&$*&$ i am SOSOSOSOSO sorry you have to deal with that i hope you either get your $ or get to relist it :sad:

    At that rate i am not sure i would want to even send it to her id be scared of dealing with her now!

    goodluck keep us posted! :smile: im sure it will work out in your favor it is clear she is the one not open to trying to sort this out in any other way
  13. I agree with the others! NPB and relist. Also, dont forget to block her to make sure she doesnt try and bid on it again!

  14. ^I totally agree with this. I would file a NPB and then negative feedback. She won't be able to leave retalitory feedback once the time limit for NPB is up. Don't waste your time with her anymore. You will be credited the final value and if you re-list and sell it, they'll credit you the initial listing fee.

    Blocking her user name is a good idea too.
  15. Since the buyer did respond to the dispute, if you leave them negative feedback then they can also neg you back so I'd advise against doing that. You can only give negative feedback with no recourse if the buyer does not respond to the dispute at all. HTH and good luck!