Buyer can't pay for 7 days

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  1. In the main, sellers are more familiar with eBay etiquette then buyers. Unless you are a seller yourself you really don't know or appreciate how annoying this type of behaviour is.

    That said, life does get in the way, the buyer IS in contact with you and is being polite and cooperative. I would give her the benefit of the doubt and be clear to her you are making an exception for her at your inconvenience as a one-off gesture of goodwill. *ETA I see you have opened a NPD. Best of luck with it.

    The lesson to be learned from this is that you cannot expect payment withing 48hours under eBay's rules. If that is a factor in keeping your auctions liquid, then you may need to take that into consideration when calculating your turnover and the times you can list and expect payment.
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    Personally, I think if people have time to sit around and bid on auctions they have time to make their payment as soon as they find out they've won it. I always pay immediately when winning an auction and if it ends while I'm asleep or at work then I pay in the morning or that evening. If I know I've bid on something I make it a point to check my email the next day to see if I've won. If I have better things to do than pay for what I've purchased than I have no business wasting my time surfing Ebay anyway. If I do not have the money to pay when the auction ends, I do not bid.

    I think 4 days is too long for the seller to wait, and I say that as a person that buys more than I sell. For this reason, when I do sell I always list BIN with immediate payment required.

    Along those same lines, a seller waiting 4 days to ship would be just as unpleasant for me as a buyer. Not unless they mention in that auction that it takes them several days to ship.

    Sure sometimes life interferes but this should be a rare occasion, if you're going to buy or sell on Ebay you owe it to your buyers and sellers to pay and ship quickly.

    IMHO of course! :smile:

  3. Um, no if they have time to bid on Friday evenings and then payment is expected on Monday at 3pm sharp when they are work then there's going to be a delay especially if the banks close at 5pm and you need to transfer money and you don't get off work till 6pm and have to work 12 hours the next day. It's reasonable to have a 4 day period to pay because of time zones, work schedules, etc. *bay is a HOBBY and real life comes first, even if that means a seller has to wait a few days for payment or a buyer has to wait a few days for the item to arrive. Plus some people don't have access to internet all the time! I know that sounds weird but some people still have really slow internet at home or use internet at cafes or libraries or work!

    Sellers who want payment in 12 or 24 hours are waaay too picky. They're asking a lot of buyers when buyers really have 4 days to pay and really it's the picky sellers who are making it bad because they ask above and beyond but do they provide above and beyond service? Or do they harass their buyers starting 12 hours after sale with "when will you pay, if you don't pay now I'll give it to the next highest bidder" instead of just waiting 48 hours and sending a nice, "This is just a reminder that you won item XYZ and you have another 48 hours to pay".

    For people with families and jobs and careers and lives 24 hours can go by really quickly and some days there just isn't time for playtime internet access but other days there are and that's when they have time to pay.

    OP, I'm sorry you couldn't resolve this better really the buyer should have told you before she bid when she could pay and then when she did tell you she would be waiting 7 days you should have said that if she didn't pay by friday at 11:59 you'd open a case ASAP because that's what *bay rules allow.
  4. :goodpost:
  5. Then if you see an auction in which the seller asks for payment within 48 hours and you know you cannot meet the deadline becuase you have limited internet issues, or you're making a bank transfer and will be too busy at work, don't bid. Or email the seller ahead of time and ask if it's ok. I do agree that 12-24 hours is too picky, still, if this was listed in the auction and I couldn't do it I wouldn't bid on their item.

    Ebay may be a HOBBY but money and goods are exchanging hands so it deserves the respect and consideration between buyers and sellers that goes along with that. Often with bags we are talking anywhere from hundreds to over a thousand, and more. It's not unresonable of anyone to expect prompt payment or prompt shipment.

    Again, IMHO of course! :smile:

  6. When I list items I request that payment be made within 24 hours, However, I know that even with that request, buyers are covered by the 7 day to pay umbrella.

    As long as there's good communication, I don't tend to get upset. The minute it ceases, is when I start to worry.
  7. To add to my previous post I think that if a buyer is bidding on an item that has some unenforceable short pay period they should send a message to the seller saying, "Hi I'm bidding on your item but if I win I will need 2-4 days to pay like *bay rules say I have, I hope this okay I really do want this item as it is lovely" or whatever.
  8. At least then they can cancel your bid if they choose, though if it were me I'd ask before bidding. Telling them you like the item and that it's lovely or whatever is a great way to go about it, again before bidding. I think a seller would appreciate that and it would go a long way towards a positive transaction for you both. I like that part of your example, the part where you basically say I'm going to ignore your terms and bid anyway because Ebay will let me get away with it, not so much.


  9. Great post, Linda.
  10. Honestly, I don't mind. Like other people have said, as long as they communicated.

    It would have been nice if she would have contacted you PRIOR to bidding, however maybe she just wanted the item and assurance that it would be her's.
  11. I don't understand this at all. You known when you get paid! It's not a surprise.
    I've been in a similar situation (desperate for an item but no extra spending money until my next paycheck) and I always email before and tell the seller the deal and they can decide whether that's acceptable or not.
  12. As a buyer I always pay either the same day or the next day - it's polite and I want to get my item asap!! Ebay or Bonz may give a week but I think that's a little too generous.
    As a seller I always add in my listings- pay within two/three days. I think it keeps people honest and makes them think --Can I afford this? Do I want this?-- instead of playing games and bidding for fun and then being "surprised" when they win. Of course, the buyers have a week but I at least expect some kind of communication during that week!!

    And as a buyer, I don't buy things or bid on them until I'm paid or know I have money in the bank. That's the best way not to go broke or have cc debt.;)
  13. :goodpost:

    Tis the motto I try to adhere to as well.