Buyer can't pay for 7 days

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  1. i know it's crappy but if i would at least give her till friday since it's only 2 days away.
    tell her that if you don't receive a payment by saturday you're going to relist.
  2. If you don't receive payment after 4 days you can open a NPB dispute, then the buyer has 4 more days to pay. BUT since the buyer is staying in contact with you and asking for a little more time if it were me I would wait. It's the buyers that bid then disappear that drive me nuts, but I have no problem giving them a little time as long as they stay in touch and let me know what's going on.
  3. I have noticed that buyers are waiting longer and longer to pay these days. It seems that almost no one pays immediately. Probably because there are no consequences to paying late. It sucks but that's the way it goes. I had an auction end on Sunday and the buyer paid today. I was starting to think they weren't going to pay, but they surprised me.
  4. I would wait until Friday. Having a paying buyer is still better than a NPB. At least they actually said when they would pay instead of keeping silent, then paying on payday. Some communication is better than none.
  5. I think it is four days now too.

    She should have asked if waiting the 7 days was ok for you before bidding but then she probably thought you might say no so this way she won the auction and on her terms.
  6. She should have asked before she bid if she could pay later but she didn't, so I'd say a mutual cancellation by 11:59pm her time Friday (or your time if it's later) and a NPD if she doesn't get back to you by Monday.

    Some people have busy lives and can't sit around waiting for an auction to end because they have work or something to do. It might take a day or two till they have time to do internet banking or brick and morter banking. Some people don't have internet 24/7 or have slow old fashioned internet. Plus *bay is international and lots of people can't get up at 5am just to pay a immediately or take time off work. Plus there are different bank holidays and things. So there are lots of reasons people have better things to do than sit around their computer and wait for the exact hour an auction ends. Four days is pretty reasonable to have someone pay usually, and the extra 3 days in NPD for when life really gets in the way of shopping helps.
  7. Well said TXGirlie about the most sensible thing said so far

    At least she is communicating,

    Of course you could file NPB, relist the item and sell in 7 days getting your money in 8 days. That makes total sense!!!! or did I miss something
  8. I'd say until Friday. If nothing happens then file.

  9. ^^^^^^This^^^^^^^

    Unless there was another bidder and you want to SCO them. But I would wait
  10. I just feel it is appreciated and considerate to pay in a timely manner. OP specifically requested payment within 48 hours in her ad, and the buyer waited 48 hours to say she would need more time. The OP was concerned about this, and I understand how she feels because we've just started selling on EBay. It sounds to me like the buyer is aware she has 7 days to pay, and is taking full advantage of that. We all have busy lives. If I win something on EBay, I just like to take care of my responsibility as soon as possible.
  11. It could be that something came up in the buyers life that required the funds she'd set aside for the payment. It has happened with me before though my seller only had to wait one extra day.
  12. i had a buyer who didn't contact me until the 7th day when my account automatically opens an unpaid case saying they will pay on the next sunday (14 days after the date of sale) because they were sick
    i didn't close the case, just going to let them get the unpaid strike because i am not going to wait for 2 weeks when all of my auctions state 5 days unless you are combining shipping with another item (which she is not)
  13. I have had this happen to me several times and i'm not sure why the buyer did not contact me prior to bidding. Some buyers do not even bother telling me when they will pay! :tdown:
  14. I feel the same way. I had it clearly stated in my auction that payment was due in 48 hours. I'm really mad right now, because I took the time to email her yesterday morning to make sure she still wanted the dress and will be paying today. She never even responded, so I just opened a NPD. She could have taken one minute to respond and I see she already paid for another item she won on ebay. I'm wondering if I should contact the second chance bidder or do I have to wait another 4 days now. This is so unfair!!!
  15. I just realized this buyer now has another 4 days to pay. So she really has 11 days to not pay, because I know she is not going to pay now. This is so wrong!!! I will no longer let buyers dictate when they will be paying. If they do not pay on the 4th day I will open a NPD.