Buyer beware?

  1. My husband ( great guy that he is) was nice enough to buy me a Coach purse. The problem is that he bought it on eBay. Here is the link.

    eBay: NWT Coach Legacy BROWN BROOKLYN BAG Shoulder Tote (item 130014912519 end time Aug-09-06 14:36:23 PDT)

    When he contacted the seller about the speedy shipping he paid for she told him she was out of town and couldn't send the bag until the end of next week. When he insisted she honor HER terms of auction she said she would refund his money in the next 7 days. Before e-mailing her about the shipping he noticed she had the exact bag for sale (with the same stock photo) for $25 less. He has already started a dispute through AMEX. There is no one better than American Express when you have been duped. They take the charge off right away and the scammer has to deal with them not you.

    Here is the second auction for the same bag. I e-mailed her about this bag and asked if she had any pics of the actual bag she was selling. She said her husband was out of town and he is the one that handles the pictures. She is not good with the camera. BULL! She has a lot of excuses.

    eBay: NWT Coach Legacy BROWN BROOKLYN BAG Shoulder Tote (item 130015456546 end time Aug-11-06 17:21:19 PDT)

    This seller has no neg. FB but has never sold anything this expensive either. I think she will sell this bag as many times as she can then disappear. My husband is going to report her to eBay but he said you have to wait 10 days. Is there anything I can do now?? I feel bad for the person that won the second auction. This is their first buy on eBay. What can I do??? HELP! :hysteric:
  2. She hasn't mailed out the bag yet, has she? She uses stock photos on all her auctions..from the look of her feedback she's only sold 3 items the rest of it is from sellers she bought from. If she does send you out the bag & it is authentic, you can't really do anything about the price. She sets the prices on all her auctions & you have the option to view all her listings...The only thing you could try to get back is the money for expressed shipping.

    If you want out of the auction, you might be able to say that she said she would mail it out ASAP..b/c it was for a gift (you paid for speedy shipping). Then she tells you later on it wouldn't be for another week & a half b/c she's out of town. It's a case of misleading. I don't know if that would help but you could atleast try.
  3. I have no problem with the price of the bag. It would have been a great price if she actually HAD the bag to sell. She has an excuse for every question asked of her. My husband wanted the bag for me for this weekend so paid extra for faster shipping as per the terms of her auction. When he e-mailed her to ask when the bag would be here she said she was out of town and couldn't send it until next week. When I asked her for pics of the actual bag from the second auction she said her husband was out of town, not her. She is a scammer and she is stalling to see how many people she can sell this non existant bag to. I don't care that the second auction price is less, I am worried about how many people are going to get scammed by this person.
  4. I'm not sure what to do in this case then, but to file a complaint w/ your cc & ebay. I've never had this problem..thank god (knock on wood). Hopefully you will be able to stop her, but doesn't ebay require a specific time for shipping before you can file a complaint like 7 days?
  5. You're right. They do require a certain amount of time before filing a claim. BUT, we have an e-mail stating she is not going to send the purse until at least the end of next week. My husband paid extra for faster shipping so we have proof that she is not going to follow the terms of auction. Sellers like this one ruin it for everyone. :sad: