Buyer Beware

  1. Interesting article.

    I wonder how stores can protect themselves as well from customers returning fakes? And perhaps retail stores are even being sold fakes, knowingly or unknowingly, by the distributor? I remember hearing on the news about a jewelery store who was duped by their wholesaler.
  2. I remember reading somewhere that some designer store, I can't remember which, had employees take the real clothes and switch them with fakes and keep the real deal for themselves. The customers who spent a lot of money and/or came often were given the real deal. People who only stopped in once or not a lot were given fakes. It helped them get away for it for awhile, but they were caught. I wish could remember what store it was.
  3. What on earth does "real, but not authentic" mean? That it is real, in that it exists, and is not a figment of your imagination??
  4. Wasn't there an incident a little while ago about Sam's Club and fake Fendis? Note to self: don't buy designer items at big box stores.
  5. We keep reading about reputable places (like Off Sak's, and now Sam's) selling fakes. How and why is this being allowed to happen?

    I understand people return fakes - it's a fact of life. But shouldn't there be a way to screen what is going on so people aren't losing so much money and being duped?
  6. soooo scary!!!!
  7. They need to hire us as consultants to monitor the returns! "Real, real, fake, real..."
  8. hahaha so true! You don't even need to pay us - just throw us a real one every once in awhile.
  9. I've also thought about places like Neimans or Eluxury receiving fake returns. I mean, who would check? a guy in the warehouse probably isn't going to notice.

    The whole sam's club and costco thing is fascinating to me because what buyer ok'd that purchase and how did it get into the stores without one person saying "hey, this doesn't seem right". it's odd.