Buyer BEWARE!! Fake LV of the DAY

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  1. ladies, dont by this. this is totally fake because I have the exact one. She starts her bid at 0.99cents and claims authentic that she bought at saks. ok so go ahead and ask her what is the date code.

    recently, I learned how to read the date code. this bag is discontinued. she told me FL0067 . that means that it was made in June 2007 ...wonder how she got a bag that was made in the future?? CRAZY...fake. Who wants to report her for telling her she's selling a fake.I dont know how...:mad:
  2. Those fakers have got nothing else to do....

  3. :mad: Man..this piseed me off, She have almost the same ID as mine !!!! Mine is Sokaligirl and hers is Sokalgurl.

    This sucks !!!!

    I just report this auction
  4. Scary.
  5. ugh! i hate when ppl sell fakes!!
  6. That's awful. Bad fake sellers.
  7. Hi everyone! I just want to warn everybody that Purse4less website is selling replicas as authentic. I just got their LV bag esterday and it's fake. They only take checks and charge 15% restoking fee. They also operate under a different name I really want to do something about these sites, but not sure how proceed. If anyone can help please let me know. Thank you.:sad2:
  8. The link didn't work....
    Try contact them and ask for a refund and see what they have to say. Could this be consider as a mail fruad ??
  9. I don’t like the scam.:evil:

  10. Hi yanarx, I experienced the same thing with purse4less in January, but back then they were accepting credit cards. Once I found out the bag couldn't be authenticated at an LV store because they "recieved them directly from factories" I refused the order and filed a chargeback with my AMEX card and got a FULL refund, I didn't lose on the shipping and restocking costs. The idiots at purse4less sent me threatening e-mails, saying my credit would be ruined and I would never be able to place an online order with anyone. LOL, but who is now not using credit card services?:biggrin:

    They offer refunds but take out a lot of money, truth is you're not protected because you didn't use a credit card and probably won't see that money ever again. You can try threatening them for a FULL refund but they are really stupid and will just turn around and try to bully you.:Push:
  11. I am so sad for all you that have to deal with all this. It makes me sick that people profit off others like this. PLease report it all when this happens to you and warning everyone is dpoing a great deed.