Buyer Asking for Refund

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  1. I would like your opinion on how I deal with this buyer. Last week, I had a pair of Prada shoes listed on Ebay. I described the shoes accurately and said that the shoes were "gently worn but still had lots of life in them". Which is true, the shoes had wear on the sole and bottom of the heel but that's it - the top of the shoe did not show any wear. I posted 12 photos of the shoes and showed close ups of the soles and heels. I had replaced one of the heel lifts on these shoes because it became worn, but I never bothered to change the second lift. Well the silly cobbler replaced it with a black lift, and the second heel still had the original beige lift. Please note that I showed pictures of the lifts and you can see that they are 2 different colors. Anyway, The buyer received the shoes, and brought this to my attention and is now saying that she wants to return them. I told her that I would happily refund her $5 to replace the heel lifts (because that is what it generally costs me to replace lifts) or that I would meet her at any cobbler of her choice (since she is local) at any time or day and pay for the lifts to be replaced. I just feel like worn heel lifts should be expected on shoes that are described as gently worn. I'm thinking that the shoes just don't fit her or she has buyers remorse and is looking to return them. What is your opinion?
  2. That is just ridiculous. I would never, ever consider asking for a refund over something so incredibly inconsequential.

    I think your response was more than generous.
  3. I agree, I think you have been more than generous, definately in agreeing to meet her at a cobbler of her choice.

    If she is still saying she wants to return them then it is definately for a different reason than the heel lifts!

    If you have stated in your auction that you don't accept returns then you've done more than enough.
  4. Yeah, its her fault that she didnt look and read properly, So I say dont refund them. You're being nice enough already
  5. Thanks for your feedback ladies. I am just always worried about buyers leaving negative feedback as retaliation because they have buyers remorse. I'll let you know once she responds to my email.
  6. Do not let the threat of a negative scare you off and I would not meet her anywhere. Simply refund the $5.00 if you must via paypal or mo or however she paid. I make it a point never to have personal contact with local buyers. You never know. Also remember that you can negative her right back and she doesn not want that either. You are being more than fair. Do not let a buyer bully you. Not worth it.
  7. I have already left her positive feedback because she paid immediately after the auction ended. But now this! Sometimes I hate selling on ebay because you never know what kind of people you are going to end up dealing with. Thanks for everyone's advice.
  8. You might want to rethink your fb process, alot of sellers only leave feedback once they've received it so they are not at the mercy of buyer who threaten negs to get their way. It's just to protect yourself :smile:
  9. I never leave feedback first when I am the seller and most sellers I buy from don't leave it first for me.
  10. I completely agree, I used to leave feedback right away, but not any more!
    Also I think your buyer probably just doesn't want the shoes anymore and is trying to find an excuse to get a refund. You posted 12 pictures and explained the condition of the shoes in the listing so it's not as if you were concealing anything.
    I would offer her the cost of the lift and send it through paypal as a partial refund.
    Good luck!
  11. Never ever leave feedback for a buyer (unless its a negative) before they leave you one. Infact, I suggest waiting for upto a week as I've some buyers in the past start SNAD immediately after I left a positive.