Buyer agree to mutually withdraw the transaction - But denies the request

  1. ARGH!!!

    This customer agreed to mutually withdraw a transaction after exchanging a few messages. Than, when I filed the request... she denied it!!!!

    HOW LOW!

    Can I post a buyers name that sellers SHOULD NOT trust in here?

    If someone is willing to go that morally low - who knows what else they would do. I added them to my blocked bidder list already.
  2. if you still have a copy of her saying she wanted to withdraw pass it on to eBay
  3. I already sent an email to my eBay rep. She agreed to it right there in the dispute console. If eBay doesn't give me the reversal.... this will be seen much worse to me than any of the new changes!!
  4. Why would the buyer decline to mutually w/d? I assume the transaction didn't complete b/c she didn't want to pay, right?

    Good luck with this!
  5. Sorry to hear this Regina07, you may want to email this person again. They may have just clicked on the wrong button on the ebay page...
  6. Maybe she didn't know how to complete the mutual withdrawl form properly and checked off the wrong button. There are some blockheads out there.
  7. Who knows.... I think she did it on purpose... it was for an expensive item that I listed with a typo and it was SIGNIFICANTLY below the retail price. Someone cannot expect for a seller to actually ship something out at a loss of hundreds of dollars.

    She was angry... and than seemed ok with it all and I offered her $75 off anything of ours anytime.
  8. gotcha! now she's wanting you to get a NPS.
  9. What is NPS?

    I read ebay's policy and as long as it doesn't happen too often as compared to a percentage to successful listings I would be ok. So, not worried on that side because this is the first time out of hundreds of listings.
  10. non performing seller. It seems that she agreed to one thing but really wants to punish you. I certainly see why she would be p-o'd but mistakes happen.
  11. I had an issue with a buyer who bought a book who i stated was the workbook for the book and he thought it was the actually book.. after months of paypal actions i had to refund him and he took the neg back but still thinks i scammed him somehow.
  12. She may indeed by annoyed with you and probably disappointed too. Many times we here on tPF see threads from buyers in this situation, and many times everyone agrees the seller should have upheld their end of the contract and sold the item at a loss.

    You made a mistake when you listed the bag and you didn't catch it in time to end the listing. If a buyer clicked BIN and then sent you an email saying they misread the price, you'd be a bit peeved wouldn't you?

    I think you should have honored the sale and chalked it up to experience. However, that being said, I do applaud you for compensating the buyer with future purchase discount.
  13. well.... turns out it was an honest mistake and that she will help to correct it :yahoo: I guess there are some good people left on ebay ;p

    Just goes to show what we all expect from ebay shoppers huh?
  14. Gosh I'm glad to hear this has a happy ending! I was reading the title and the first post and was thinking, gee, this sounds like what happened to me about a year ago....with a psycho new bidder who couldn't pay via an approved method, then agreed by email to a mutual withdraw. Yet after I sent the eBay form she clicks "did not agree" just out of I ended up not getting my FVF's back. The lesson I learned was basically never trust people to fill out that form correctly; now I just wait for the full 2 weeks after which sellers can automatically close the dispute, get FVF's back, and issue an unpaid item strike (if applicable). Glad to hear this is not a psycho buyer though! If it is yes please share the username to we can all block that person.
  15. :tup:
    :tup:I agree, it's your mistake I would honor it.