Buy/use Paypal outside of ebay?

  1. i'm a bit of an eBay and paypal newbie, only done one transaction each way so far :weird:.
    Anyways, was wondering whether this is ok/safe... there's this seller on eBay, reputable and everything, and who's trying to sell her bag, she's relisted it for the 2nd time already, but so far no1's bidded on it (yet), i really really really want that bag, but the price is still a bit high for me.. so here's the question:
    • should i send her a msg and let her know if no1 has bidded at the end of the auction, if she's willing to lower the price, i would buy it by paypal outside of eBay?
    • is that even safe? :shrugs:
    :push: feeling pretty clueless...!!

    TIA everyone!! :flowers:
  2. My best advice is if at all possible is to complete the transaction through ebay. Also as you are relatively new to ebay it will help your feedback score.
  3. I agree with Westiegirl. Buying and selling off Ebay is a risk and the seller may be wary of a relatively new member asking him/her to go off Ebay in a transaction. Maybe express your interest via Ebay messages and ask whether, if it doesn't sell, she might consider a lower starting bid or even a BIN that you could meet? Then see what you get back?
  4. yep, no reason why you should not complete through ebay - if the seller accepts your offer this can be done through ebay. I always do that, and there was never a problem.

    going the outside of ebay route is just a good idea when you are sure about seller IMO.
  5. thanks ladies..!! :smile:

    so u mean i should send her a message and ask her if she could relist it again at a lower BIN price if this one doesn't sell?
  6. If you do not buy it through ebay, use a credit card with paypal. That way you have recourse through your cc company if the bag turns out to be a dog!
  7. You could ask her if she would consider lowering the current price. Sometimes it's a pain to get a message asking if it doesn't sell to relist at a lower price, personally I prefer to revise the listing to a lower price so I don't have to pay the fees all over again.
    It's worth a shot asking as long as the offer is reasonable & fair.
    Good luck!

    Also not all credit cards will protect you with paypal transactions. Amex is great, but I know there are others that won't protect you, best to contact your CC company and find out their policies.
  8. I would just e-mail her and make your offer. If she accepts it she can change the BIN price to the price you agree on and you can use BIN to end the auction. Then you can pay through Paypal.
  9. You may want to suggest as part of your offer they can change the listing to "submit best offer" and/or "require immediate payment with BIN" to let the seller know you are sincere in completing the transaction. Immediate payment required may make your offer more attactive to the seller :yes: DEFINITELY complete the transaction thru ebay if at all possible.
  10. thanks all!! :flowers:
  11. They back for tacking in USA only ebay any other $ you send could be lost. If someone sends you A empty Box with tracking you do not have your Bag. Deal with people that have good feedback will this is the big one will email you many times and have sold for some time. There are great people selling authentic Bags with 12 feedbacks but go back to many emails good Pictures