Buy this Fossil or get a custom bag made by Valhalla Brooklyn?

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  1. I am kind of digging a particular fossil bag. BUT...I am also still bouncing around the idea of having the Etsy Seller ValhallaBrooklyn custom make me something pretty specific.

    The leather on this Fossil is DI-VINE, and it's the right size, with a great shoulder strap PLUS a nice crossbody strap attached. It runs right around $200. If the link doesn't work it's the Cory N/S Tote$fossil_pdpdetail$

    On the other hand... I haven't discussed the custom with the seller at length yet, as it's pretty in-depth, but Id figure a cost at least $400 for a completely custom bag.


    I am open to suggestions...I want a nice brown leather, has to be north south like that, really fairly large (15" tall probably, not including strap, but not ridiculously tall compared to width) and have a nice shoulder strap/s and I would love the addition of cross body.
  2. You should consider checking out the bags from another etsy seller called TheLeatherStore.

    Her bags remind me of the Fossil you posted. I believe there is even a thread in this subforum about someone buying a bag from her.
  3. i'd go with the fossil bag, especially since you can see it in real life. i bought a bag from valhallabrooklyn on etsy...not a custom bag, but i was disappointed with it in real life. it was a very nice bag, well made, soft leather, and the seller was very nice, but it just wasn't what i was expecting for the high price. i still love to browse through pictures of her bags as they look lovely, but i've found that i much prefer to see bags in person before i spend a lot of money.
  4. That was my thread actually. I already bought one from her and honestly, I don't plan to again. Within 24 hours of receiving it, the bag started falling apart. I had to pay to get it fixed locally, and she didn't reimburse me anything for having to do so. She sent me a few studs that match the others, but that was it. After carrying it for only a few months, the straps are already frayed.
  5. Oh dear, that is too bad about the bag! :sad: Sorry, I didn't realize that was your thread.

    Well, then I totally agree that you should go with the Fossil bag if you know you love it. Better than risking another expensive bag you can't see in person!
  6. Yea I am disappointed. I love the bag, it's amazing leather, but the fact that it's not holding up makes me sad. At least it wasn't really expensive, even though $100 something isn't really something to just throw away.

    I am waiting til Friday to go back to the Fossil store and try it on, because it's right next door to the Nordies entrance and I am going to check out the anniv. sale bags in store before I settle. I doubt that there will be a similar bag at Nordies but we'll see.
  7. I added another option, Diesel bag. I really dig this enough that I might get it.
  8. I love the Fossil bag I would get it
  9. I found better pics of the brown diesel bag. It's not as light.
  10. I may or may not have just gotten that Diesel bag for a lower
  11. I love fossil leather. is the leather from diesel as wonderful?
  12. The only Diesel bag I have ever seen had REALLY nice leather, it was white and looked amazing and for a sample was still amazingly clean. When I get this tomorrow (they say tomorrow) I will check it out closer and take better pics. I am going to the mall with the Fossil store Friday morning so I can maybe check them out or go side-by-side with them. The other Fossil with that same leather is TO DIE FOR and I almost bought it. But my husband is on me about my $500 purse budget this year. I only spent $130 of it on that Etsy bag so both the Fossil and the Diesel are still within it, if I only get one. And if I spot a diff. bag at Nordies sale on Friday that I love then Ill be in a pickle bec I can only get one more this year and this is it til next year.
  13. I think if I were you, I'd go for the Fossil bag. It's truly a great looking bag and I don't see how you can go wrong with it, especially since it has all the qualities you like.
  14. I am going to compare the Diesel and the Fossil side by side on Friday I think.
  15. I'm sorry to hear that too as I've browse her site and found the bags actually look nice and functional and the leathers used seemed to be of reasonable good quality. I guess it take more than artistic talent to not just design a bag, it takes some skills to stitch a bag together and make it durable and sturdy? That's why the skills of Italian artisans are so highly sought after??