buy things to please the SA?

  1. have you ever felt pressured by an SA to buy something because they are sooo friggin nice and helpful?

    Recently, I ended up buying somethig from chanel over the phone..I didnt like it, returned it and she called to confirm the reciept of the return. However, shes soooooo damn nice, it sort of hurts me that I didnt like the item. She really took alot of time in helping me too!

    have any of you just bought something because the SA was very nice and knowledgable about the piece?

    I think I may buy something from her just to let her know " hey, im not indescisive and not a flakey buyer" :lol:
  2. No. Their job is to sell and my job is to avoid buying things I really do not want.:Push: I am very polite and let the SA know I am not going to purchase the item at this time. However, I also do not waste an SA's time if I know I am not buying, for example, I won't try on 12 pairs of shoes to pass the time if I am not really in the market for shoes.
  3. I've boughten things I really wanted and not needed and not really had the money for before just b/c the SA was just so darn nice and made it seem like such a great investment. I'm such a sucker lol. and a REALLY BAD impulse shopper lol.
  4. Never. I won't buy things to "please" them because...there job IS to serve me. However, I will go out of my way to go to SA's that have served me well in the past when making purchases.
  5. hasn't happened to me yet.. i just think that i f i truly did not really want it.. no one is really going to pressure me to buy something...
  6. Bella-- I totally get where you are coming from...I have been in the same situation myself! However, I think that if you get an SA who is as sweet and helpful as the girl that you had, instead of buying something to "reward" them, you should take the time to speak with their manager, or even write a letter, and let them know how great the SA was. That way, their good nature does not go unappreciated, and your wallet does not get quite the workout:biggrin:
  7. no way.. that's their job and they don't pay my bills;)
  8. If you feel compelled to buy things to please your SA..then they are REALLY doing their job well!
  9. I feel like I should buy something when a friend happens to be working at the store, but not if it's a stranger who happens to be nice. If I end up with a nice SA but don't buy anything, then I'll ask for a card or what days he/she works and make sure to call ahead or come back on the day he/she is working to make the purchase.
  10. Something similar happened to me when I was like 15. I returned it and told the store that the SA was pressuring customers to buy something.

    Since then, if I see a SA trying to pressure me into something, I make something up and leave.
  11. i'm careful not to give the impression that i'm looking to buy when i'm not, because i'm an SA too (albiet not in handbags) and i know it can be a bit disappointing to do a lot of work for someone and then have them walk.
  12. This happens to me often. The worst thing is when they become my "friends." I shop way too much and I start getting to know salespeople. I feel awful for not buying anything. Sometimes I'll buy them presents just to maintain their goodwill. (I can be ultrasensitive ... many of these people don't push me to buy things.) That's why I like anonymity when I shop ... I prefer shopping in other cities, especially on vacation because I can go all out or buy nothing and not worry about what salespeople think!
  13. Yes I have. The problem with me is I feel bad returning the items, so I end up keeping them or giving them to my sisters. Lucky sisters, poor wallet :cry:
  14. I kinda feel like I want to just because they're so nice and helpful but I don't cause I don't have that much $ to spend usually.
  15. Too true! I've been on both sides, so I don't buy it if I don't want it, no matter how nice they are. No hard feelings.