Buy Them or Leave Them?

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  1. I've spotted two potentially great deals and I'd like an opinion on whether to go for them or not. A pair of gently used Tod's Gommino moccasins in a tan colour for $38 and a pair of vintage (I think 70s) cream Givenchy mary-jane strap/open toe heels for $20. Oh and I won't be able to return them.
    They both fit, and I'm keen on the Tods but unsure on the Givenchys... I like them but don't love them... opinions? :smile:
    (Couldn't find a picture of the Givenchys but I've attached a pic of the Tods).
  2. I think they're both good buys. If you think you'll get a lot of wear out of them I'd say go for it. And even if you're not sure on the Givenchys, $20 is not a bad loss. Both Sound very reasonable prices for nice pre-loved shoes.
  3. I would get the Tod's for sure :tup:
  4. I'm not sure what the Givenchy's look like so i'm going to have to say go with the Tods.
  5. The Tod's are a great classic, but vintage Givenchy... :love: