Buy the reissue 225 now or wait?

  1. hi ladies, i was hoping to get your opinion. my SA says that there are only 5 reissue 225 bags in the entire country and that he may be able to track one down for me. i've been buying a lot of bags lately (actually i've also been returning/selling my old bags--balenciaga, gucci, etc). if it's available, should i just bite the bullet or should i wait for it to come around again? these classic bags are so hard to find and i prefer buying them new...what do you all think??
  2. If You find the one you love (color and all) I would say bite the bullet. Its a Classic, so you definitely can't go wrong in pulling the trigger! Then you dont have to worry about price increase. Goodluck! !!

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  3. yes, very good point about the price increase! but i'll be buying all three things on my wishlist in one month :sad:
  4. my SA found one in cali for me and i just bought it! can't wait to see it--yay!
  5. Yay!