Buy/sell/trade clothing forums?

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  1. hi I need to clean out my closet and have ALOT of nice and NWT brand name clothing items and jeans that I want to get rid of, I just learned that the TPF market place doesn't have any buy/sell section for clothes. Does anyone know any clothing forums where I can buy/sell/trade stuff?

    I also belong to honest forum and authentic forum but I don't know anywhere else and I'm soooo fed up with eBay

    thanks alot

  2. No..I only know of eBay.
    The PF doesnt permit selling/buying here.(Unless a MP member....)
  3. other than those denim forums you already mentioned, i don't know of anywhere else. i don't like eBay so much for selling, either.

    sorry, not much help from me.
  4. I'd try a second hand clothing store.
  5. Jill- I know, I plan on applying, I've a pretty good record at HF... but PF only sells purses at the market place...

    siworae-who's that hot korean celebrity on you ava...

    breakfast :heart:er, ya but my second hand stores do either a 40/60 split or 30/70 with the seller making the smaller profit. There's also craigslist I guess.
  6. I would really try craigslist. or depending on what you are trying to sell, I have had good luck selling jeans on ebay.
  7. oh, i forgot about craigslist. i've never bought/sold there... i'm always worried about scams and fakes. i'm in the same boat, i have a bunch of new, unworn clothes (mostly denim) that i'm trying to clear out, and ebay is my last resort. i am on HF and AF too, but sales seem slow.

    oh... that hottie is model/actor, Joo Ji Hoon. i cropped my avatar from a promo pic for his upcoming drama that will begin airing in Korea on Wednesday. he was virtually unknown until his role as Shin in Goong (aka Palace/Princess Hours), adapted from the popular manhwa/comic. :love:
  8. i would go for a store that buys/sell/trade clothing such as crossroads or buffalo exchange but other than that i do not know...sorry.
Thread Status:
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