Buy preloved now or wait and pay more??

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  1. I've been considering buying a Neverfull for what seems like forever now and with my budget I have been strongly considering buying preloved. I'm having seconds thoughts on the preloved and I'm considering waiting until the end of the yearish to purchase brand new. If I wait until the end of the year I will be subjected to paying even more due to the price increase and this just kills me! Do I satisfy my need for instant gratification and buy preloved now or wait until I have a little more saved up and spend even more? This decision is killing me! I would love everyones' input.
  2. Hi There,

    I would wait until you can afford it brand new from the store -- even if you have to pay a bit more due to the price increase. The brand new Neverfull will be pristine and perfect not to mention you know that you well deserve it for saving so long and hard to get it!

    Preloved Neverfulls are not that much less than buying brand new and the condition is much worse - unless you are fortunate enough to find a mint Neverfull.
  3. That's my other concern, finding a preloved Neverfull in mint condition! And when buying over the internet you don't truly know what you're going to get until you receive it in the mail. While I could just go out and buy brand new now I think financially it would be wise to wait a little while. Ugh the stress of such a big decision lol! I just want my bag nowww :P

  4. Yeah I completely understand! I am in the same predicament! I am saving for a Neverfull MM in DE as well but I keep getting sidetracked wanting something that I can have now --- preloved Galliera PM for example :smile:
  5. I'm on the same boat 😅
    Overall I think that preloved NF are often overpriced and sellers are taking advantage of the LV price increases and don't offer great deals.
    You will love your new NF much more if you take time to save for it 😊
  6. Yesterday I was leaning more towards preloved, today I am leaning towards waiting and buying new. I totally agree that sellers seem to be taking advantage of the price increase and that really irks me!
  7. Well especially those sellers who seem to make a real business out of it (they buy LV just to speculate on the price increase)
    Real bag lovers usually offer the fairer deals from my experience.

    Will you have to wait for a long long time ? of is there any special occasion where you could for example ask for a $$$ contribution from friends and family instead of getting gifts (such as valentine's day, birthday, mother's day ....) ?
  8. My birthday just passed so I got money for that! I just purchased a car so my plan was to buy preloved to contribute more to paying off my car but now I think I'd rather wait a few months, put away some more money, and then buy new. I love saving money and wouldn't mind buying preloved in mint condition but I am also very picky about how my things are treated. I take very good care of anything I own, no matter what the price tag, and who knows if the previous owner of the bag did. I may just be a little paranoid lol.
  9. I am so sorry for you, but agree. LV is giving a hard time to people with buget. I would keep my eyes open for an almost new preloved - but with no pressure for purchasing now and would save up more and more. If you are close to 3/4 of the new price it´s easier for you to figure out what you really think about preloved and during that time you will have collected lots of information and will know which way to go.

    I wasn´t into preloved at all and found my perfect fit of LV bag as as preloved lately ... in almost new condition at a good bargain. I grabbed her and do love her very much. I am still not into preloved ... but at that time it was perfect fit. - Good luck to you.
  10. I think you should wait and buy brand new, you will be much happier. Seems like this is what you truly want to do, you waited so long already what's another few months.
  11. I like the way you think!! :P Although I might be paying a little more with the price increase I think I will be more satisfied with paying a little more and getting something brand new!
  12. I'm new to LV, and glad that I found this thread, b/c I'm in the same boat. I feel so frustrated about it as well. :wacko:
  13. I agree, save and wait. Pre-loved speedy ok, pre-loved neverfull get new! You want to enjoy watching it slowly patina from your use, it will last longer and be worth more that way also.
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    To be honest, I would go preloved. I don't really think they're worth the price they are at now, especially if they're going to be increasing again and again, but that's my opinion.
    I had been on a search for one and found one a few weeks ago in great condition that was only a year old (only thing was that the straps weren't as stiff-which was a plus for me!). I only paid $750,we already pay an insane sales tax in Chicago so I was glad to have saved a little over $300!

    If you are patient enough to wait until the end of the year to save up, you should still keep an eye out for a preloved one, you never know! :smile:
  15. I think you should keep an eye on the pre-owned market while you save for the new. I have come across practically new bags for hundreds less and I've also come across well used at nearly retail. It all depends on what's listed at the time when you are looking. I've had times when I'd be looking for a bag pre-owned with no luck in the condition and price that I wanted, went to buy it and a week later...I find what I was looking for pre-owned. :Push: If you don't find one in the condition you want and at a price you are willing to pay by the time you save up, get the new one. If you do happen to find one, use the extra on something small. Good luck deciding.