Buy pre-loved then repair or Pre-loved but like new?

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  1. I found a deal on the LV Papillon 30 with the pouchette for $499 but the zipper has flaked and the leather at the top of the handle is a darker than the rest. I could get it replaced but it depends on the price. I found one that was used once for $799 and the leather is an even honey color. Should I just go for that so I wouldn't have to get the leather and zipper replaced?
  2. Is the replacement that your considering for the zipper or the handles? or both? I dont know how much the replacements will cost but it it'd be a good idea to do some research first. I wouldn't replace the handles if the piping on the bag has already patinad because the white vachetta of the handles and the dark vachetta of the piping could look odd together. Look vuitton repiars and replacements can take some time to so keep that in my mind when deciding.
  3. I would go for the one in like new condition.
  4. Yeah, I'm going to go with the like new. I think getting the one just to repair it kind of defeats the purpose of even getting it.
  5. All of the leather and the zipper but I decided to get the newer one since the patina is very light and beautifully even.
  6. The difference in what you would pay for the "need to repair" will probably bring you up to what you would pay for the one in better condition, so I would definitely go with the better one!
  7. i would go with the one in like new condition... you never know how much repair will be on the other one
  8. Usually zippers are free repairs. They always have been for me at least. For the leather you can use Lovin my bags to try and even it out. $800 is a lot for a like new pre loved bag that is definitely not in high demand (dated IMO).
  9. The last zipper I replaced in a bag was almost $200.00. They are not free anymore unless there is a manufacturing defect, especially not in a well-used bag. When I replace the zipper in my mono zippy wallet due to silvering of the color, it was close to $150.00. Not free, not by a longshot.

    I do agree though - I often see the pap for less. However, I don't consider it dated. My damier pap is one of my most complimented bags (especially by men - I think they like the shape - ha ha!). Also, the pap is made the way LVs used to be made - gorgeous cowhide interior, beautiful leather, great craftmanship. I'd be happy to pay that for a beautiful one. It's a wonderful bag.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I'm going for the new one.

    Charleston, That is a lot just for the zipper. I love the pap especially since it's not that popular, well here at least. Most of the time people I see carrying LVs are either carrying the Neverfull, Speedy or a shoulder bag (I don't know the name).
  11. Get it like new. You never know how expensive repairs can get.
  12. papillon is cute and unique :smile: Get the like new one indeed :smile:
  13. like new!:smile:
  14. I believe the zipper pulls are free to replace but not the entire zipper. I'm having both zipper pulls replaced right now on my zippy wallet and their is no charge. I was told if I wanted the entire zipper replaced there would be a charge. The lovin my bag cleaner is a good idea to try to use on the leather. Good luck!!