Buy Pirata Now or Later on Sale?!

  1. Ok so I still need a pirata bag since the only one I have is the caramella with the purple haired pirate in the heart...I need a bag with the ocean scene and the 3 pirate chicks (1 standing and the 2 on the treasure chest)...

    I was going to wait for the bags to go on super sale as macy's tends to do...Or wait until they go to the outlets which probably won't be until summer.

    I'm in no rush at all to get this bag, but I know I want it. Then I went to valley fair Nordstrom's and saw my perfect print for pirata on the Ciao...It had the purpled hair girl pirate in the heart on top...with the pirate chick standing in the center and the two girls sitting on both sides of the bag... Now i usually am not one to pass up on perfect print placement since I usually regret it majorly afterwards and go on a long long journey to find it!

    So what should I do?!! Pay retail + tax for this bag, but then i'll have my perfect placement and be done with pirata...Or wait for the pirate bags to go on sale in hopes of finding my print placement???

    I'd prefer to get a mammia mia or ciao...But I really don't care what style bag its on (cept i don't want BV or ciaociao), as long as I get my ocean scene with the girls...I just don't know if any will be left to go on sale...So gimme advice girls!
  2. most of the time that's what i'm worried about w/waiting-- that the style won't be available. if they do have it tho, you will just pick your favorite placement out of what they have. it's just hoping that there's even any ciaos or mamma mias that will make it that far...

    i would buy it now. we have an outlet here & as many times as i've ever been there, there has never been a ciao or mamma mia available there.
  3. Sounds like me. I'd say go for print placement. I don't mind paying retail as long as I get the print placement I want. For me, it is all about the print. If I don't have the characters I want on it, then I regret it. Even if I end up getting a bag in the style I want, but it doesn't have the placement I want, I'll end up not using (like my foresta stellina).
  4. I'll say this much. I waited too long for Citta and it ended up being a huge pain. I have learned that if there is something tokidoki that is perfect I have to get it while I can. BTW Macy's Valley Fair has some good Pirata stuff, but I am not sure that Nordstrom still has that Pirata bag...when did you go?
  5. Hmmmm... I say go for print placement if it's one you reaaaaaaaaaaaally like.

    For me, I just don't like paying retail for them (especially since they jack up the prices in Hawaii by at least $20+ and only sold at LeSportsac) so I wait. I figure if I'm "meant" to have the bag, so to speak, I'll eventually find it at a discount and the placement I want. I've bought all my tokidoki at big discounts on e-bay, except my first one which I bought for just a little under mainland retail. But then again I sit around every day, waiting and watching on e-bay for the right bag and sometimes it never comes along.
  6. and with Pirata, it's such a scene that you really need to see it & get the placement you want. if you buy this print w/o seeing it, it may be too chopped up to get what you really wanted.
  7. Unless you think it would be relatively easy to get that print placement later on, you should get it now. It's not worth the savings if you don't get your perfect placement.
  8. i say get it now if you see your perfect print :biggrin: chances are you might not find it again...
  9. ok girls thanks for helping me out! you've all made it pretty clear that i need to get this bag!! i went on saturday....n today all stores were closed so hopefully it'll be there tomorrow!

    yeah i've passed up on my perfect print THREE TIMES and each time i went *doh*!!! with full regret of letting it go...causing me to go on a spending binge in hopes of finding my perfect bag! lolz
  10. gee if you passed it three times it sure was telling you something :lol: goodluck! I hope its still there!!
  11. Yeah, just get the bag-then it wouldnt bother you that you dont have it or hoping itll go on sale! You would be much happier that way!
  12. If it is exactly what you want, get it.
  13. Not only the placement is a concern, don't forget about the reports of "blurry" Pirata prints. I have a pirata BV which is fine. When I ordered my Cucciolo from Pulse I did get **perfect** print placement but one spot on one pocket flap IS blurry. So when I decided I wanted a Pirata Stellina or Bambinone, I went to Macy's and paid full retail. I figured buying it sight unseen and risking getting a blurry one was not worth the few dollars I'd save.
  14. If it's the perfect bag, I don't mind paying retail. I usually do anyway, in order to get the thing to begin with. If you've regretted letting go stuff in the past, definitely you need to go get it.

    Plus, everyone on here freaked out when foresta got so hard to find. Except me, cause I already had mine!!
  15. I'm not a huge fan of Pirata..but I hope you got the print & style you wanted. I try not to wait (I'm an impulse buyer)...but yeahhh...I'm afraid it will run out.