Buy over the phone from Saks without seeing the color first??

  1. I received a tip from fellow pf sister about an aquamarine money wallet at Saks. I love the spring aquamarine color so I was excited but when I called the store, the SA said the tag said "turquoise." Barney's BHills said that they didn't do a blue family color in the wallets this season and that was impossible. If it's the aqua I think it is, I want it but if it's not that color I'm scared! Do I just have her send it without seeing it or wait to see a fantastic aqua in my future. . . advice, please!!
  2. Saks goes indeed carry the Money wallet in Aqua: I bought one sight unseen from them and it was glorious. Good luck :tup:

    (moving to shopping)
  3. I wonder if you can ask your SA to send pics first ?
  4. when did you get it? recently? I hope it's true because it sounds delicious!
  5. if u dont mind, can i ask how much it is?
  6. I've done this with almost all my bbags, purchased over the phone sight unseen. I think it's really safe to order over the phone from places like Saks, Neimans, and Barneys (as long as you're in the US - some of the overseas ladies have mentioned big customs fees and problems getting those back), since they allow you to return without a problem. So far I had one City that was the wrong color (plomb instead of anthra) - back to NM with no problem. Just didn't love the NM LE bag, so that went back as well. And I had one Miu Miu that I've sent back twice - once didn't like the color, then when I got black, just didn't like the bag. Back to Bal after that!
  7. ^^ Exactly as kimberf says ... you can always return easily if you leave in the US. It's very little risk if it's something that you want.