Buy one, Buy two, Buy ALL??


Sep 11, 2006
I've noticed recently that I've been buying clothes by the dozens... And I don't mean cheap items.. I'm talking ck Calvin Klein, Armani, and the works... Thing is that when I see something I like, I will search the whole store to find it in another colour and then decide from there. I'm even worse when it comes to jeans. And when I find that I've got decide between 2 items or 3, I actually end up saying "Oh, I'll get them all".
It's a truly deadly habit, and today, I put on reserve 2 pairs of True Religions going at full price for both. :shame: And I'm going to pick them up tmr!!!!!!
This is getting out of hand!!

So..crunch time:
Was just thinking if you guys are like me...just buy both if you can't decide between the two/three..?????
you sound exactly like me. it's so bad. my BF eggs me on when this happens...except right now it's happening with LV bags...which is even more expensive!!! hard to resist when i ask, "which one should i get..?" and he says "both are super HAVE to get both.." lol! i have also done this with SFAM jeans, dresses, the list goes're not alone!
Oh my goodness! You are definitely not alone. My friends all tease me because I do the same thing. Especially with jeans, shoes and most recently ... kimono dresses by Velvet! I bought one on Friday at Nordies, and then picked up two more in different colors at the Barneys New York outlet. It might be a bit crazy, but sometimes a girl just can't decide! :love:
I am the same way! I ordered five pairs of jeans and they should come by FedEX today! I always do this. I get so excited when something fits well or looks good that I need to have more, more, more. And, like you, I buy the pricey stuff!
I do that, especially for pants, jeans and t shirts. If it's a great fit, I want to have multiples.

The problem is, I tend to get sick of that style/look and end up with a bunch of clothes I never wear.
Me too...sometimes buy mutliple copies of the exact same thing if I like it a whole lot...I have a lot of multiple t-shirst, but in different colors. Why pick when you can have both?
I do that too!!
But that's cos I find it very hard to find sizes that fit me well, cos I have a short torso. So when I come across something that fits me well, I need to buy more than one.
^ haha! goooo vogue!!

I'm just like you. If I have to decide between two (or more) items, I just get them all. One because I hate making decisions. and two I know if I choose, I'll keep thinking about the other stuff I didnt get and I'll end up getting it anyways. :Push:
mello: yes! i'll keep on thinking about how wonderful the item can go with my other stuff in my wardrobe! It's such a drab, isn't it? I always end up fainting due to overload!! hehe.
HAHA! I've done this ever since I was young. I'm not happy until I have two or three things to choose from, at which point I can't decide. :sweatdrop: In my tweens, I had this down to an art when shopping with my dad -- I'd take long enough that he'd take buying the extra item as a fair tradeoff for getting out of there, already, but not so long that he'd be so tired that we'd leave without having bought anything.
I buy in multiples too! Especially if it's a design/ cut I like, cos I figured, why not. My mom used to do that with us growing up (buying stuff in different colours if it was something we liked), so I blame her! :P