Buy now or what for outlet?

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  1. The trouble with living near an outlet is that it is easy to become accustomed to getting Mulberries at very good prices. Now I find it incredibly hard to pay RRP (actually don't think I could!) for a Mulberry.
    As I am still Mabel-less but the craving is still strong, should I swallow very hard & order the aqua from the website at full RRP or wait for it to pop up in the outlet? If it's going to, Shepton is most likely where it will appear. Be patient & spend less or impatient & broke????

    Thread title should read 'wait for outlet' - I'm v dozy after getting back so late from Wales last night - oooh, they don't seem to like road signs over the bridge!!!
  2. Mmmmm,I'm with you on the wait bit I'm afraid. I have been able to own more Mulberries that way than paying full rrp.But then I have started late and been on the back foot as far as having a nice collection goes,of bags of any designer origin.So the outlets have been such an amazing way for me to build a non bank breaking family that will work for me.
  3. Morning Chaz! Glad you're around, I need my tpf fix & no-one was here!! Do you know, I don't think I could pay RRP now, reckon it would make me feel ill! I put Roxy through her paces yesterday, she ended up stuffed to the top with gear on the hockey trip - Nintendos, hockey socks etc - & she weighed an absolute ton & it was fine. Now she feels quite light with just my stuff & I'm loving her. Perhaps I should just get another Roxy in a different colour & forget all about Mabel! Now there's a thought......
  4. Sit tight and wait for it to show up at the Outlet...won't be too long !! U'll be kicking yourself if u pay full price and it shows up at the outlet. PS it's not that long til June when the Mulberry sales start..!
  5. SJ the signs are all in Welsh:confused1:

    Now , I think you're loving that Roxy so get another colour!!At least thats the craving satisfied for now.
  6. Don't buy anything until the meet in May - that's only a couple of weeks to go.

    Then, if nothing takes your fancy, it will only be a couple of weeks until the sale in June.

    THEN, if you still haven't found anything, and an aqua Mabel hasn't turned up at the outlet, you've been patient enough and might feel able to splash out full price.

    Operation-birthday-aqua-Mabel is in stage one here - laying the groundwork, showing DH photos of the bag :girlsigh:

    I'm off to Bicester in an hour or so - can't wait!! :tup:

  7. Flossie, can you believe it - on the way back I lost the M4! Pretty big road but I managed to lose it completely. Then little son decided to throw up in the back of the car (thank god it wasn't my Mini & lemon Roxy wasn't anywhere near him) so it was an eventful trip. Caerphilly Castle looked nice though - saw it about 4 times as I went round & round!
  8. Did you go straight down the M4 and then turn off to Caerphilly??
  9. I SO wish we had outlets here, I am absolutely envious of you guys in the UK. I bet I'd have an enormous collection if I had access to an outlet!
    Being an RRP-paying buyer by circumstance, I say wait for it to show at the outlet... The only thing that makes getting a bag you love sweeter, is getting it at a bargain (or as a gift, but that's another topic ;))
  10. Pity they didn't wait list at Shepton
  11. Getting there was fine, it was light & we drove straight there, even found the leisure centre easily tucked in the middle of a new housing estate. It was getting home that was the problem. It was dark & I just lost my bearings - sense of direction is never great at the best of times! Ended up on my way into Cardiff before I found the M4 again.
  12. Have a wonderful time at Bicester! Let us know what you think of the place & what they have to offer.
  13. I would wait, but then I really can't justify full RRP...but will you be broken hearted if you never get an aqua mabel?
    If life will be a hollow sham without her, or if you couldn't bear the thought of missing Mabel should the outlets not get any aqua or *shock horror* someone else buys her first then RRP is the way to go.

    I guess only you know how badly you want this bag :tup:
  14. SJ have you done a ring round of the outlets re Mabel?
  15. I'm with everyone else, wait a bit and just enjoy carrying Roxy for now.