buy now or wait and see?

  1. Hi all -

    I'm new here, and somewhat new to the Tokidoki obsession - my latest is a Trasporto Zucca on sale at Macy's, woo hoo!

    My question is about retired prints. Do you think it is worth it to pay the inflated prices on eBay or should I cross my fingers and hope for a re-release? I know this is very subjective but I'm wondering what others are thinking. I'm partial to the Paradiso print, but haven't seen a bag style I want to fork over the dough for... The Foresta re-release gives me hope that there will be others.

    I did buy a L'Amore BV on eBay which I love, but I'm hesitant to keep buying (even though my DH said I could buy more as long as we were not shuffling along out on the sidewalk with just my Tokis to wear! :smile:)

    Thanks! All the info on this forum has been a huge help!
  2. The rereleases are only happening in Hawaii, and Hawaii gets theirs for way over retail as well. Either way, you'll be paying more no matter when you buy.
  3. How much did u get the trasporto zucca for? =)
  4. Macy's is having a Coupon for the Cause day tomorrow, you buy a $5 coupon and you get a $20 coupon off of one item that is $100 or more plus a 20% coupon that is good for that item and anything else you buy all day. The Belle Square Macy's had a good selection of Trasporto, Famiglia and some Tutti. There weren't any Zuccas in Trasporto, but there was one Famiglia. It's as good a deal as the 25% off at, but I couldn't get a Zucca there...

    Good point about the higher price in Hawaii, I guess I'll keep an eye out for a Paradiso style I like on eBay and hope for a re-release in the meantime.
  5. I didn't get a $20 coupon when I bought mine. I bought my 20% off coupon the other day, and all I got was the 20% off, not a $20 coupon. I guess I'll see what happens when I use it tomorrow on my BV!
  6. I got a postcard about Shop for a Cause, but I was totally confused by it. Now I am bummed that I didn't take advantage. Sounds like a great deal!