Buy now??? Or wait a week???

  1. I really, really want this bag and trying to decide between black or the camel:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    However, next week I'm going to the outlet in San Marcos the Thursday before Easter...

    Think the chances of finding anything similar to this bag are any good? Or, should I just buy this now and look for accessories and other cute stuff at the outlet? This IS the one I love!

    Would be nice to have it for my trip, too! :yes:

    So... if I do buy this bag now -- what color should I get?? :p I'm so indecisive! I'm leaning towards camel...

    Thanks for any help and opinions!
  2. Okay, first of all - I really like the camel in this one.

    Secondly... this is the eternal decision!! :p First question, this there any chance that they may sell out of this, before you get back? And, what bag are you going to use on your vacation if you don't get this one...

    Two scenarios: You could go ahead and get the camel satchel, and if you find something better at the outlet - take it back after you get back. (But then you can't use it...)

    Wait until after you get back from the outlets, and get it then. (But then you can't use it on your vacation in this scenario either, and only if they aren't going to sell out of it before you're back...)

    I'm not much help, am I?
  3. That made me chuckle because (I fully agree with you Bag4Bubbles) my co-worker purchased a Mandy last week and she's been carrying it around not only with the tag on the inside still attached, but also the little brown tag that's beside the handtag with the style name/price on it (seen on the display items) because she isn't sure if she really likes it or not :rolleyes:

    Anyway, as for the topic. Do you already have a black bag? A camel bag? I personally like the camel better. I would get it and take it with me and if you find something better at the outlets, return the camel. If not, go ahead and use it during your trip.

    But I did notice in your post you said,"This IS the one I love!" If that's the case that I think the answer to your question is pretty clear =)
  4. I like the black bag better, but I also own more items that it would go better with. I was faced with the decision of a black, brown or blue bag last time. I literally stood there staring at them trying to decide when I realized, "I have more stuff to go with black than brown! Blue will get old-fast." :lol:
  5. :girlsigh: See, I am the opposite... I have TOO many blue bags! And have to pry myself away from buying more.

    I also agree with PyAri, that if you know it is the one you love - that probably won't change. Stuff at the outlet is pretty basic usually, unless they have an extraordinary clearance section...

    So then... go ahead and get it!!
  6. She can't return it if she's already worn it. :sad:
  7. i like the black, but either way u should buy and return if u don't like.<-- that's always my rule ;)
  8. She kept both tags on it and is apparently doing her best to keep it clean *Shrugs*
    I feel sorry for the person who gets it if she does return it successfully.
  9. Yeah, I do too. Who wants to pay full retail for a used bag that someone has worn for a week (or longer)? Not me.
  10. I think I'd get looked at funny with a blue bag, yet I just want lime green. My tastes are flawed. :lol: I seriously should have lime green hair with my obsession with lime green.
  11. i thought that the returned bags go to the outlet....

    i would get it now, dont use it, go to the outlet, if you find what you like get it and then return it if not no biggie you still have the first bag!
  12. Really? ALL returns go a factory store? That doesn't seem right to me.
  13. i really like the camel, and some of the ladies have given very good advice, i'd take it if i were you :smile:
  14. Thanks so much for the replies!!! I think my choice is clear now and probably always was. :smile: I'm going to order the camel and I'll have it for my trip!

    Didn't really want to buy two new bags right now anyway and I guess if I see something at the outlet that I just can't live without then I'll get another, but I've had my eye on this bag for awhile now!

    Most of my accessories really DO go better with black... but hey -- now I'll have to buy more accessories! haha!

    It's so nice to have this forum and different opinions! Thank you again!
  15. I didn't know that returns to go an outlet!