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Buy now or later?

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  1. So........ I've been browsing the forums and have fallen in love :heart::heart::heart:with several bags through pics others TPFers posted.
    In no particular order, these are the bags I would love to own:
    - Lindsay
    - Ergo convertible tote
    - Leigh
    - Sabrina
    - Tattersall XL satchel (bought on Ebay)
    - Bridgit (bought Platinum on Ebay)
    - Not to mention all the cute wristlets, makeup cases, coin purses and keyfobs
    Here's my dilemma. I know these bags and accessories are found at the outlets at great prices. If there's not one at the outlet you're at, potentially you can do a charge-send if they can find one at another outlet. My problem is I cannot get to the closest outlet until at least March or so if weather allows :crybaby:. I am sooooo tempted to use Ebay again to get my hands on another bag (or 2 :graucho:) but know I will have to pay more for them.
    Then the question is....... do I buy off Ebay now? Or do I wait until I can get to the outlet? I'm afraid they will be forever gone by the time I can go. I also know if I can wait, I'll be able to buy more due to the low prices at the outlet.
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease help!!
  2. I sort of have your same dilemma. I live in Japan. And I've found that there are Coach outlets here, but they are FAR from me and the outlets here are VERY expensive. (For some reason, Coach in Japan is expensive.) I often have to resort to eBay for all my shopping wants and needs. I do fortunately have someone who lives relatively close to an outlet and I managed to get a Lindsay at a low price. However, the other bags that I've wanted are no longer or are rarely found at outlets. (I'm on the hunt for some '06 Legacy purses) It really just depends which bags you want. Some I have recently found on Ebay are cheaper, and some aren't. The Lindsay's are FINALLY starting to go down on Ebay, the rest you are wanting, I'm not sure. Also, you can try private messaging the Seller and see if you can't make an offer to them. Sometimes, they are open to that. Maybe you can BUY ONE that you absoultely must have on Ebay just to hold you over until you can make it to an outlet?
  3. Well, as far as I know, Leighs and Sabrina's aren't at the outlets, so go ahead and look for those on the bay now since they likely won't be at the outlets anyway! And then wait for the others to see if you can find them in March at the outlets, and if not then resort to the bay! Hope this helps!