Buy Now option

  1. Hi I trying to sell some items on eBay but I really don want people to bid on them I just want the Buy now option ... so how can I do this ??????
  2. opt for the fixed price auction format, not sure if you can do this if you're a new seller though
  3. Is there a specific reason why you don't want bidders? In my experience I've found that bidding can be better than a fixed price. Just wondering, not trying to challenge you.
  4. Agree with Lori :smile: and I sometimes make Best Offer option, good luck
  5. make sure you do immediate payment required , helps prevent scammers .
  6. There is really no reason why I want to do a Buy Now ... I guess I thought it would be better to list an item at the price I want to get paid for instead of having people bidding and not been happy with what the final bid is ... :confused1: .... but I found out I need at least a feedback of 5 or be ID verify (wish u need to pay 5 bucks) to be able to have this option.... I only have 2:sad: .... oh well ....thx girls
  7. I had started selling too and I wasn't able to do ONLY a buy-it-now but I have 20 feedbacks (as a buyer only though). Maybe I did something wrong? For one particular bag, an Ebayer contacted me that she really wants it and would buy-it-now, and since I couldn't do it, I put the starting price the same as the buy-it-now. That way, why would anyone bid if it's the same as the buy-it-now. I know some of you more experience Ebayers is probably thinking that's so stupid, haha, but I didn't know how to put ONLY buy-it-now.
  8. you can list it with a reserve price...
  9. Excellent point! Then you don't have to worry about it selling for a price lower than you want.
  10. I love BIN, it just is so hassle free. I usually look for items BIN, I think bidding becomes boring because you have to wait till the item ends. Sometimes it is better for sellers to list bidding option because I have found that items have ended with a higher price than BIN, some members get fixated with winning an item, even though they can get it BIN at less. :flowers:
  11. If you really want to BIN, maybe you can buy a few really cheap items to bid on and get feedback quickly. There is always something on eBay that you might need.

    Otherwise, I agree...put a reserve price on it. I personally don't tend to take reserve prices seriously as a buyer unless I really want the item, but you never know. I also agree that I love BINs...I hate waiting as well.
  12. Or, you can make your starting price a penny less than the BIN...

    Example starting bid $49.98...BIN $49.99.
  13. ^why would you do that though?
  14. I guess Im confused .... isnt reserve price consider shill bidding?
  15. I'm guessing to get around the requirement to have 20 feedbacks before you can use the Buy-it-Now ONLY option.