Buy new, used or wait ??

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What would you do?

  1. Wait and keep looking for that needle in the haystack MIF at the LV stores?

  2. Buy a MIF used for almost the same price as new and hope its real?

  3. Buy a made in USA again and hope it grows on me this time?

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  1. I so want a Delightful MM made in France :loveeyes: but I'm having trouble finding one new because they have switched to the "new" tag thing. :nono:
    I had a Delightful MM made in USA and wasn't feeling it so I sold it. :cry:


    BTW: I know all the bags are made the same I just have my heart set on a MIF.
  2. i use to care if my bags were MIF.. but i noticed any bags that didn't look perfect to me in the store were the MIF ones... and the MIUSA ones have always been perfect... so now as long as to me it looks good i don't care where it's made!! but if it's something that's important to you.... then ofcourse wait to get what makes you happy!;)
  3. If you have your heart set on a MIF, why compromise?
  4. Thanks for everyone's opinion..
    I'm going to wait and find a BRAND SPANKING NEW Delightful MM made in France.
    My husband is so sweet he's called many LV's and has a few SA on the hunt. :graucho:
    I thought about buying used but think I would always have that "hope it's real" feeling in the back of my head and then there's the germ factor!! :wondering not to mention I would only save 200 bucks.. If I have to wait a few more months to find her thats ok.. It's going to be worth it when I get her!! :yes:
  5. I am not sure if this is a silly question but do they always supply a certain amount of made in France or made in Spain bags in each style in the USA or now that the MIUSA is now here , will that be all that is available in the USA? If everyone is looking for only these , the supply would have to run out , correct? I hope this makes sense?!?!
  6. I would go for what you have your heart on. When you finally find your MIF it will totally be worth it! I would never just want to settle on a bag. But thats just my thought! good luck on your search!
  7. Wait if you can since your heart is set on MIF.
  8. Do you know anyone who is going to holiday in Europe? You could always ask them to buy one for you...

  9. I'd be ok with a MIU as long as it didn't have the cloth tags.
    I have a Delightful GM MIF but I got that earlier this year. Didn't know they were switching those bags to MIU, too. But whatever your heart desires.
  10. The stores I have called said they get a MIF about every 25th bag or so it's not impossible I just REALLY have to be patient! Being patient is the hardest part!! ;)
  11. No but my husband offered me a plane ticket to go to Paris... He was dead serious.. He checked the prices online and said No problem! If I cant find her in the next 6 months I might take him up on that.. :graucho: