Buy LV Stresa now or wait???

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  1. Hi everyone! I have a small dilemma that I need opinions on.

    As my birthday gift, I can either get the LV Damier Azur Stresa GM or a Chanel agenda. I originally was looking for an agenda but didn't find one to my liking so I ended up at LV and fell in love with the Stresa. But then DH suggested we got to Chanel to see if they had any agendas and I found one that I love!
    So, now I have to choose what I want more. DH says I should get the agenda because that's what I was originally wanting and to wait and buy the LV when we move to Germany this year.
    That makes sense but a part of me is just itching to buy the bag now because I like it so much!
    I don't know, what do you guys think???
  2. I always choose LV, so I say get the Stresa!!
  3. Get the bag first!
  4. Agree--go for the bag!
  5. Def get the bag.
  6. go for the LV bag
  7. Lv bag for sure!
  8. bag!
  9. bag of course! :biggrin:
  10. ps. stresa is gorgeous!
  11. I'd pick a Damier Stresa GM over a Chanel agenda.
  12. Definitely get the bag first:yes:
  13. Bag first, agenda later!
  14. I would definitely get the bag now! Chanel is way overprices, especially for SLGs (IMO!).
  15. Get the stresa!!