Buy Longchamp online?

  1. Hello! Im looking to buy a large Longchamp pliage bag to use for weekend travels and was wondering if there was another way to buy it online besides the website? I know I've seen them at some department stores but can't seem to find them on the major department stores website (bloomingdales, Saks etc…). Thanks!! Im traveling over the next couple of weekends and won't have time during the week to drive out to mall so would like to just click and buy online : )
  2. :biggrin: Enjlux, I was going to suggest bagshop, but you beat me to it :biggrin:

    Magendie, there are two threads on bagshop on tPF:

    Delfinoshop also sells Longchamp bags but you have to call them to check on availability and colours. As you probably are aware, it's wise to ask on this forum if anyone's bought from Delfinoshop.

    Good luck!
  3. Thank you Ladies!! I figured the longchamp website is my best bet but it's a 2 weeks wait AND a $30 shipping fee...I'll def take a look at all your suggestions. Thanks again!
  4. Nordstrom usually has a large selection....if you know exactly what you want, I would give them a call. They don't list them on their website though. Also, I remember Saks used to sell Longchamp on their website, but I haven't noticed any recently.
  5. When I bought my Longchamp a few years ago, it was from the website. I checked, and there aren't any on the website anymore. I'm disappointed, because I wanted to order another. I don't know where I can find it in Taiwan. :cry:
  6. If you can't find what you are looking for online try calling the Lonchamp boutique in New York or San Francisco. They will ship bags to you and will have the best selection.
  7. I have used Magnums before and had good luck with them. Fast shipping and great customer service. There is also a botique in Short Hills NJ.
  8. I bought a Longchamp Le Pliage tote online at I bought it a few weeks back when they had them on sale. Has anyone else bought Longchamp at Bluefly ???
  9. Personally I would only trust and
  10. i bought mine from as the postage costs were cheaper than the Longchamp site
  11. I have purchased from bagshop a couple of times. They are quick to ship and sell authentic Longchamps.