buy jeans that feel too tight and stretch? or buy comfortable fit?

  1. I just bought some Paige Premium Robertson jeans. I have another pair of Paige and they're my favorites. The new ones are one size larger but a different style. They fit comfortably. I really don't wan't jeans that are uncomfortably tight around the waist. (my tummy is my problem area; butt is pretty small) But I'm a bit concerned that if they feel comfortable, once they stretch, they'll be falling down. These Robertsons are a higher rise, so I'm wondering if that will make them any less likely to fall down?
    Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. I have that same problem... I wear Silver Jeans & Big Star Jeans... Most of my Silver Jeans are the same style but different washes... No matter what size I've been wearing, I always have to try on the exact same pair in the exact same size at the store. I can't just grab the same pair and just buy them. For some reason 9 out of 10 times, 1 pair of the exact same jeans fit... otherwise other ones are either too tight, too short or too big... its really weird... I usually buy jeans that fit a little snug. I just bought a pair that fit really good in the leg area but are a little tight in the waist... every jean that I have bought that fit a little snug end up stretching out a little bit... I'd rather have them fit perfectly then be overly big after wearing them once which is my problem that I had w/my Big Star Jeans
  3. Thanks Coach Girl.....This is a real dilemma for me. I have my old Paige jeans which fit right but do creep down a little bit. My Citizens for Humanity jeans I bought tighter and I've gained a few pounds. Now it's very uncomfortable wearing them.
  4. Yeah I know what you mean... buying jeans suck! LOL... I have a smaller waist but bigger hips/thighs, so sometimes its difficult, although the past week I have bought 3 pairs of jeans and have had some great luck! Silver Jeans always fit though for me... If they are actually uncomfortable to wear then I would probably go up a size... I know the 2 jeans that I just recently bought are a bit snug but if I would've gone up a size they would've been too big for me after one wearing, I've bought some before and thought that they wouldn't stretch or get big but they did...You at least want to be able to move around in them...
  5. I used to wear jeans to work, so they HAD to be comfortable since I sat at a computer all day. Funny you mention Paige because my Laurel Canyons were the worst jeans for me to wear at work. They cut into my waist and gave me tummy aches!

    I agree about high-waist jeans being more comfortable and less likely to fall down. Your Robertsons might be fine b/c they are high waist. But if you get a lighter weight denim, even better! I recommend

    7FAM "Ginger" in Mercer wash -- They are so comfy, soft, and light ,plus they are high enough that they don't fall down even after stretching out. The Gingers come in low-waist and high-waist version, so be sure to try the high ones. Check 'em out on Revolve:

    Sometimes you do need to buy jeans that are initially too tight -- depends on the brand and wash -- some are notorious for stretching out after a day of wear. Believe me, I've bought so many pairs on trial and error! Some don't stretch out enough, but some stretch so much that I can take them off without undoing the fly! Ugh. But the 7 Gingers haven't failed me yet. :yes:
  6. I always buy premium denim snug because of the stretch - esp TR and SFAM! They stretch a lot!
  7. I work for AG jeans and I always recommend purchasing buying the smallest size you can zip and button. They'll stretch... and now all I can notice is how 95% of the population wears jeans that do not fit. You always fit to your smallest point (mine is my thighs) and after a few wearings, everything works itself out. Then all you have to do to wash them is turn them inside out, wash on cold, put in the dryer for 10-15 minutes to fluff them and air dry. Voila! Perfect custom-fitting jeans.
  8. It depends on how stretchy the denim is, imo. If it's a very stretchy wash, then I know that it'll stretch out with wear.. so I try and size down and deal with the little bit of tight-ness until it stretches. If it's really rigid denim, then I size up.. because there's a 99.99998% chance that the denim won't stretch at all, so how they'll fit now will be the same way they fit 7 months from now.
  9. All denim stretches if you don't wash it and dry it frequently. An 8oz denim stretches out within a couple of hours. A more rigid wash (raw finishes, even if it has stretch like 2%) will still stretch... it just takes longer. But you should never wash a dark, raw finish anyways so it will just get bigger anyways.

    We currently have 100% cotton pieces in the current collection and they give, it's just a different give than a stretch jean provides. And the dryer does not snap them back either!
  10. I always buy jeans to the point of barely being able to button them up, because especially when you wear skinnies they can't be baggy. If they feel too tight in the waist, you can always soak the waistband and then wear them wet-denim stretches faster when it's damp. My coworker told me about this and I thought she was crazy but it worked!

    Putting your jeans in the dryer is the worst thing you can do! The heat breaks down the stretch in the denim, which makes they just get even bigger.
  11. Yeah, but does this work when you have a small waist and thick thighs? My waist is a 26, but my thighs will rip jeans that are a 26. They literally don't fit, as in I can't pull on the jeans in the store. So out of this problem I get size 27 or even 28 if the jeans are cut too small. So what would you recommend in my case?

    I know the OP doesn't have this problem, so I would say definitely buy your jeans a little snug (not to the point you can't breathe of course because then that's not the pair or brand you're looking for) because all jeans give a little bit, some more than others. You don't want to run into the problem of throwing out a perfectly good pair of jeans because they've stretched out too much...that would be throwing your money away.
  12. Unfortunately, a lot of women are buying jeans that are way too tight. I see it all the time at the mall and it just looks bad.
  13. I would recommend trying a cut that is specifically cut for a curvier figure. Instance, in AG jeans... there's NO WAY I would recommend a Kiss straight leg cut. But I WOULD recommend the Club fit, which is a modified flare leg (what other brands would call a boot cut) that is cut curvier through the hips and thighs and comes up higher in the back. This is Oprah's favorite pair... and you KNOW she's a curvy lady!

    In Joe's Jeans, I'd recommend the Honey fit... Level 99 stretches out like CRAZY, same with J Brand. My Kasils are cut pretty curvy as well. An 8oz thin denim will stretch out really fast for your thighs too... so you would still fit to your waist.
  14. Paige denim doesn't stretch nearly as bad as other brands IMO.

    But yeah, for me it depends on how tight the jeans are. I won't buy them if they're already baggy when I try them on, but I won't buy them if I don't feel comfortable either. I like my jeans to be fitted, but not necessarily tight-- I don't want any muffin top!! :p
  15. If you really have a hard time, you can always take jeans to a tailor and have the waist taken in! I have wide hips and a small waist, and I have a couple of pairs that have the big gap in the back. Quick trip to the tailor fixes that!